Fifty of Shades of Grey Movie: Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried as Anastasia Steele?

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Could either Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried play the role of a young sex submissive in a movie? Thanks to the press rounds for Les Miserables, both actresses have been glamming it up lately. And while they're both fabulously dressed up, the press couldn't help but wonder: could one of them play Fifty Shades of Grey's Anastasia Steele?

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In New York City, Hathaway sparked a lot of buzz after accidentally flashing her private parts while stepping out of a limo. This happened while she was wearing a pair of sexy black sandals fit for some bondage scene. It was this very incident that got Wetpaint to consider the actress for Ana's role.

"(T)he incident - and her strappy, dominatrix-esque Tom Ford sandals and high-slit Tom Ford gown - got us thinking: Could Anne pull off the role of young, impressionable, innocently sexy Anastasia Steele in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey?" asks

Hathaway, 30, has received mixed reactions in online forums because she already looks "too old" for the role. She's also played more mature roles, i.e. "Brokeback Mountain" and "Love and Other Drugs." Could make up and style make Hathaway look younger?

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Meanwhile, Seyfried, 27, has already figured in previous online polls on fans' choice for Ana Steele's role. However, Seyfried seems better fit for the role of the sexier, darker and feistier Eva Trammel of the other erotic series, Crossfire.

Work for the film adaptation of Fifty Shades, a series by E.L. James, is now in progress. Crossfire by Sylvia Day has yet to make as loud a noise, but it is likely to be picked up by film outfits, too.

Other actresses being pegged by fans for the role of 22-year-old Anastasia are Alexis Bledel, Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson, to name a few.

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