‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Jamie Dornan on Playing Paul Spector, As Christian Grey & Being a Dad

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Playing as the dazzling Casanova with a penchant for light sadomasochism comes with a price and Jamie Dornan is not loving the unwanted attention. Like any actor who wants to keep their private lives private, the Northern Irish actor is currently filming his BBC Two's drama series "The Fall" season 2 with co-star Gillian Anderson.

"Nobody sane wants just to be famous," says "Fifty of Shades of Grey" actor. "I hate it when people say you're asking for it by doing films. No, I'm asking for work, and I'm asking to get paid for doing something I love. I'm not asking to be followed down a street by some f****** pap."

Before he landed the most coveted role on his career, Dornan is known for his modeling career as Calvin Klein's underwear model and serial killer Paul Spector in a Belfast crime TV drama. The 31-year-old dad sits down with The Telegraph for an exclusive interview how he won the lead for E.L. James book adaptation and filming a new TV series "New Worlds."

"Some people were playing it as if he wanted to murder his child... But Jamie came in and spoke very kindly to the boy, then kissed his daughter goodnight," says "The Fall" creator Alan Cubitt in an interview Entertainment Wise. "And that's much more disconcerting for the audience. I had in mind someone who is very still in what they did and who the audience would project quite complex feelings on to."

Although modeling gives him the security he needs financially, it was acting that feeds his creative cravings. His first gig was in Sofia Coppola's 2006 film Marie Antoinette as a Swedish paramour and then he went to L.A. for pilot season auditions on which the actor describes as "one of the most dehumanising things anyone could ever go through - on an entertainment level, that is."

He was cast as the Huntsman from Snow White on ABC's hot fantasy series "Once Upon A Time." After a season with the network and landing a role to play Christian Grey, Dornan is a hot commodity in Hollywood which makes a hot target of the media.

When asked about being a new dad, the actor revealed the joys of fatherhood and challenges that comes with it. "That's a new challenge and adventure, and I can't wait," says the actor who doesn't mind the lack of sleep.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" will premiere on Feb. 2015 and "New World" is scheduled to debut on April 1 at 9 P.M.

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