Fifty Shades of Grey Fans Bash Leather Jacket-Wearing, Audi R 8-Driving Jamie Dornan in Christian Grey's First Look from the Movie

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It appears that most of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans will never be satisfied with the choice of man playing the lead character of kinky billionaire Christian Grey. The upcoming movie's production unit has released the first still of Jamie Dornan wearing a leather jacket and sitting in his Audi R8 and fans have reacted very strongly to it. Most of the fans are not satisfied by how Grey looks in the movie, which is expected to release on Feb 14, next year.

The Facebook page of the movie, where the first stills have been released, is flooded by comments from various "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans. More than fifty thousand people have liked the post and thousands of them are commenting on it. Most female fans have expressed their dissatisfaction when it comes to the looks of Jamie Dornan as some of them find him "too old" while others say that he just doesn't have that sex appeal which the character has in the novel. Check out the picture here. 

" I guess we all have a certain sexy man in mind when it came to casting and I definatly (sic) don't picture this man as Christian Grey!! Im sticking to only reading the books...," writes Yolanda Villalobos on the Facebook page, where the picture is released.

In the EL James novel, the character of Christian Grey is projected as someone who is extremely good looking, is young, has immense wealth, drives an Audi R 8, flies airplanes and has a troubled past. The character also has a strong sexual presence which attracts females to him and he has a history of practicing bondage sex. "Sons of Anarchy" actor Charlie Hunnam was first roped in to play the coveted character but he quit during the movie making process saying he has busy television schedule and did not want to be typecast for a particular role. Hunnam was later replaced by Jamie. Actress Dakota Johnson is cast as the female lead to play Anastasia Steele.

Some other fans are of the opinion that no one can take place of Christian Grey but Jamie Dornan should be given a chance.

"Not what I expected for either part but Im sure it will be great! Got to give em' a chance ladies And dont tell me you wont go see it because we all know you," writes Brandy Insco Afuvai on Facebook.

However not all the fans are disappointed at how Jamie looks as Grey and some of them do find him hot too. "Total hottie! I don t care what y'all say! Can't wait to see it! Then I'll judge the movie! It will be the start to a great birthday weekend for me Excited!," writes Liz Parker on Facebook. 

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