'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Bret Ellis: Top 5 Reasons Why Matt Bomer Is The Best Christian Grey Candidate

So what if he's gay?

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" is drawing a lot of controversy way before film production date. Anticipation is heightened by casting rumours, with Matt Bomer being one of the most popular actors being cast by fans for the role of BDSM-dominant Christian Grey.

Meanwhile, "American Psycho" author Bret Easton Ellis stirred debate when he launched a one-man campaign against Bomer, saying he "comes off totally gay in White Collar" and it indicates he would not make a convincing straight sex demigod.

Bomer, who has long come out as gay, has not been officially tapped to play Christian Grey, but he has a strong following among the book's fans.

Here are Top 5 Reasons why Matt Bomer is one of the top Christian Grey candidates:

5. Dapper vibe. Bomer's sleek and elegant appeal in the series "White Collar" reconciles with the vibe exuded by Christian Grey. The way he walks and the way he talks tell a lot of fans that they are looking at Grey, and there is no better actor for the role.

4. "Mr. Sensitive" charisma. As con-man and art thief Neal Caffrey in White Collar, Bomer has proven he can play the sensitive masculine character and draw women into his arms with his charm and eloquence.

3. Enigma. Bomer can work on a mysteriously quiet and puzzling character all too well. He can come off with the kind of enigma that makes people wonder whether he is mostly dark or mostly positive deep inside.

2. Style plus substance. From vintage hats to branded suits and elegant leather shoes, Bomer always goes out in style in White Collar. His best friend in the series has also called him "Cheekbones," referring to one of his seductive facial features.

1. Deep blue eyes. Matt Bomer's blue eyes pierce through women's hearts like a straight arrow. The best trick in playing Christian Grey is to look deep into a woman's soul with just one look. Bomer can do that quite effectively.

The fact that Bomer is gay is not enough reason to dismiss him as a Christian Grey candidate. Above all, his acting chops would carry him through the role, and he does not have to be straight to prove he can act brilliantly.

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