'Fifty Shades of Grey' actress Dakota Johnson ready to Bare it All for Jamie Dornan? 24-year-old says 'I have no shame'

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Dakota Johnson, the lead protagonist in the movie adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" said that she was not scared of whatever Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director of the movie, would ask her to do. The critically acclaimed trilogy by writer E.L. James is notoriously known for its explicit sex scenes-complete with all the graphic details. Not only do the lead characters engage in a series of hot and heavy amorous escapades-Christian Grey, a multi-billionaire in the story, develops a fetish for bondage and all things that fall under sado-masochism.

According to the actress, she is not afraid to portray in the film the steamy scenes should the need arises. The 24-year old was later quoted saying "I don't have a problem doing anything. The secret is I have no shame." Could the daughter of famous actress Melanie Griffith be ready to take everything all in, including the erotic scenes between hot co-star Jamie Dornan?

Johnson sizzles all the more in her recent photoshoot for "Elle" magazine. The actress dons a black bandeau to cover her modesty, while her gaze is locked in a fixed state towards the camera. When asked what the actress thought about the book, Johnson was quick to answer:

"Reading the book, I found myself more interested in the ways they were breaking each other down emotionally than the sex scenes. I think there's a part in a woman that wants to be the thing that breaks a man down."

Meanwhile, co-star Jamie Dornan, who shall play the role of Christian Grey, tok a break from the filming of the erotic movie to tape for "The Fall". The 29-year old Irish actor plays a serial killer in the movie. Many fans all over the world praised the actor's performance in "The Fall".

When he is not busy, the actor tries to tone his body, as reports say that the actor has been working out non-stop for his role in the upcomng erotic fim. Dornan had already expressed how he wanted to really keep loyal to the book as possible. However, Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director, is said to have shelved the sexual scenes and instead placed them with more emotionally-satisfying scenes. 

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