'Fifty Shades' Film Update: Chace Crawford as Christian Grey [PHOTOS]


Here's another dose of "Fifty Shades of Grey" casting update for all those BDSM-hungry fans. While the film adaptation of E.L. James best-selling erotica novel is yet to be started, fans are still busy creating online polls to see who among Hollywood's hottest fit the role.

It looks like there is another addition to the list to playing Christian Grey. Who would this be?

"Gossip Girl" fans are surely reacting wonderfully to the news that Chace Crawford is in the running to play Christian Grey. Given Chace's' high track record on "Gossip Girl" where he manages to sleep with every girl he meets, the role of the 27-year old entrepreneur fits Crawford perfectly.

However, what would Chace have to say about the role? Like Ian Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries" and Alexander Skarsgard of "True Blood", Chace had nothing but great things to say about the role.

"I would love the challenge ... I know that it is risque, and to be honest, anything to shake up from the way I have been going would be good," said Chace, adding, "Hey, if they ask me to come and read, I would definitely do so."

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels are highly popular all thanks to the BDSM-filled pages with a hell of a twist on the romance. Some actors such as Chris Hemsworth have been appalled by the S&M of the book. Yet, for Chace Crawford it seems to pose no threat and in fact he'd love to do all the S&M scenes.

"I am only comfortable with S&M sex scenes!" joked Crawford.

"The other ones are just too simple and boring for me ... I actually think, whether it is a sex scene, or screaming at something to get something across, I think it is kind of attacked the same way, and you're in the work mode, and you stay professional. It has never been awkward or intimidating to me," continued the "Gossip Girl" star.

Clearly, if there is anybody in Hollywood fit to play the role of Christian Grey then Chace Crawford could just be him. With Universal Studios still busy filling out the director's seat, Chace should simply wait by the by-lines and see what happens.

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