'Fifty Shades Film': The Pefect Casting Choices for Christian Grey [PHOTOS]

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Months have passed and still fans still go crazy over anything "Fifty Shades" film related. It's no surprise that along with the book popularity everyone is dying to see a movie out of E.L. James best-selling BDSM-filled novel.

Even with the casting under wraps, that still hasn't hindered addicted-fans to nominate their own potential cast for the film. Check out the top ten perfect choices for Christian Grey.

Still at the number one spot is "Vampire Diaries" Ian Somerhalder. Apparently, Somerhalder's online survey alongside writer, Bret Easton Ellis, is greatly helping him out. Well, the smoldering look and the intense sexual appeal are just two characteristics of Christian Grey that Ian Somerhalder has.

"Immortals" star, Henry Cavill might have been offended initially by the fan polls casting him as Christian Grey. Now, however, it appears as if Henry is quite honored with the "potential" role as the sexy billionaire.

Despite being openly gay, Matt Bomer is still supported by fans to play the 27-year old entrepreneur, Christian Grey. Ironically, for writer Ellis, Bomer being a potential Grey would highly "complicate the role." Still, Bomer being gay has not stopped his fans from being supportive and continuously voting for him on online fan polls.

If "Vampire Diaries" has its Ian Somerhalder, well "True Blood" has its Alexander Skarsgard. Like Somerhalder desperate for the role, Alexander boasted that the role of Christian Grey was meant for him. Given Alexander's character on "True Blood" owns a sex chamber and Grey of "Fifty Shades" also having one, it would justifiable for Skarsgard to assume the role would be a sure-win for him.

Shia Labeouf having shown his privates for the music video, Sigur Rós, will find it easy to portray Christian Grey. Though nabbing the role would appear to be complicated for Shia, Labeouf had signed up for another erotic film "Nymphomaniac."

"The risky, but potentially rewarding, career move places LaBeouf as one of the strongest contenders yet vying for the coveted role of S&M magnate Christian Grey," explains Policy Mic.

Other actors in the list of perfect Christian Grey's include Jessie Pavelka, "Twilights" Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth.

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