FIFA World Cup 2014 Winner Prediction: Goldman Sachs Reveal Who Could Win the Tournament; Argentina and Brazil Most Likely to Meet in Finals

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Experts at America's investment banking firm Goldman Sachs have predicted the outcome of FIFA World Cup 2014. According to them, the host of the much awaited sports event of the year will win the game. Predictions based on teams' past record suggest Brazil and Argentina will meet in the finals for the final match. Read on to find out who wins the biggest football event and other details about the tournament.

Goldman Sachs published the fifth edition of such a report titled "The World Cup and Economics 2014" on May 27, 2014. The report presents the analysis by the economists of the firm.

According to the report, the home team Brazil is most likely to win FIFA 2014. The team will defeat Argentina with 3-1 score in the finals of 2014 World Cup. Contest for Germany and Spain will come to an end in the semifinals. Meanwhile, England will bring an end to its game by finishing third in group D.   

Experts at Goldman Sachs reportedly analysed each team's history, world cup performances and overall characteristics. Basing their study on all these factors, the report reveals Brazil is hot favourite with 48.5% chance of claiming the victory. Meanwhile, Argentina team has 14.1% probability and Germany holds 11.4% probability of winning the tournament.

As for Australia, it is least likely to win the game. It holds just 11.5% chance of even reaching the second round of the game. Australian team holds 0.1% chance of winning the cup.

Experts at Goldman have also presented World Cup Dream Team in their report. The team of 11 is based on 1700 votes.   FIFA World Cup 2014 dream team includes: Sergio Ramos and Andres Iniesta from Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, Neymer, Dani Alves and Thiago Silva from Brazil, Lionel Messi from Argentina, Eden Hazard from Belgium, Philip Lahm and Manuel Neuer from Germany and Franck Ribery from France.

20th FIFA World Cup begins on June 12 and ends on July 13. Participating in the tournament are teams of 31 nations along with Brazil. A total of 64 matches will take place in 12 cities of Brazil. If Brazil wins this world cup, it will be its sixth win with most number of FIFA World Cup titles.  

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