FIFA World Cup 2014: Things to Remember While Visiting Brazil

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A view of the Arena da Baixada soccer stadium before Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians play the first match to test the stadium in Curitiba
A view of the Arena da Baixada soccer stadium before Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians play the first match to test the stadium under construction for the World Cup in Curitiba, May 14, 2014. The Arena da Baixada is considered by FIFA as the stadium with the greatest delays with less than a month to go for the tournament to begin. Picture taken May 14, 2014. REUTERS/Rodolfo Buhrer

Brazil expects around 3.7 million tourists during the FIFA World Cup 2014. According to the Ministry of Tourism's estimation, the country will spend over $3 billion during the gala event. Around half of the estimated number of tourists is likely to watch World Cup matches while the other half will go to the country to enjoy the festivities around the World Cup.

Let's find out some important points to remember while visiting the exotic country.

Women are kissed here

It is customary for Brazilian men to kiss women on both cheeks when they meet. They are also supposed to kiss while leaving as well. This also applies to strangers. Brazilians put hands on shoulder, throw kisses in the air and give bear hugs. Accept these as a normal behaviour when they welcome tourists.

English conversation is difficult

You may find people speaking in English only in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Otherwise, people are mostly comfortable in Portuguese and Spanish. Even though Brazilians love American movies, most of them do not know how to speak English at all. However, the good news is that hospitable people like them will always find a way to communicate.

There are excellent bars, juice bars

There are a number of exotic fruits in Brazil. Several of them are unheard of in the West. Brazilians are excellent at making tasty drinks from fruits like pitanga, camu-camu and caju. Rio has numerous juice bars around. Smoothies like graviola are great digestive aids. The tastiest banana comes from this country. There are several tasty drinks from that fruit as well.

Get outside to see real Brazil

Brazil has to be enjoyed outdoor. From beaches with long coastline to sidewalk cafes, to the exotic interior, to backyard barbecues; the real Brazil is outside the walls. The outdoor culture of the country gets even more entertaining with its natural environment.

Everyone is an extrovert in Brazil

Brazil has a culture that is full of life. People are extroverts and express themselves openly. The culture is such that even a shy person can open up here. Brazilians do not like to have any restrictions when it comes raising the decibels. Sound trucks, TV pitchmen, car horn and even ordinary people in a conversation can go extremely loud.

Brazil is basically a poor country with problems to deal with

Around 6 per cent Brazilians live in slums. There are crime syndicates and drug problems that these slums are infamous for. Combine these with alleged police abuse and you will understand the situation. You may never understand the kind of economic status a Brazilian has simply because they are basically happy people. Fortunately, tourists are not usually targeted. However, it is wise to know which places are safe.

Source: CNN

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