FIFA World Cup 2014 Predictions: Match #2 Mexico vs. Cameroon

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Final Score

Mexico 1 Cameroon 0


The second match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to be held between Mexico and Cameroon. Both the North American and the African teams will definitely like to start the tournament with a win as it will give them an edge over the opponent to have the possibility of finishing in the top two spots in Group A. The first match of the tournament is always extremely important as it sets the tone for a team for the entire tournament.


Mexico: Mexico has had a difficult time recently. The national coach was changed twice in a period of 3 months. They almost lost the chance to qualify for the CONCACAF region. It lost its last two pre-world cup friendlies against Bosnia-Herzegovina (0-1) and Portugal (0-1). Giovani dos Santos and Oribe Peralta are expected to lead the attack. Peralta especially can be the key player for the team. Mexico, despite the weak form at present, can never be written off simply because of its previous world cup records. It has reached the quarter finals twice (in 1970 & 1986). It went past the group stages every time since 1994.

Cameroon: Cameroon managed to draw against Germany in the pre-world cup friendly. With a score line like 2-2 against one of the top teams in the world cup, the African biggie has much to boast of. It will depend a lot on its captain Samuel Eto'o who happens to be the best player. The Chelsea striker has already scored 9 times for his club in the 2013-14. He scored over 100 goals for Barcelona during his tenure with the Spanish club in 2004-2009. Midfielder Alexandre Song is another important player who can make a difference. Cameroon is basically an attacking team. Expect a high energy game with strong body tackles.

Head to Head

These two teams played against each only once before. Mexico won it. Only one goal was scored in the match.

Key Players

Mexico: Raul Jimenez & Oribe Peralta

Cameroon: Samuel Eto'o & Alexandre Song

Date, Time & Venue

Brazil's time zone is UTC/GMT -3. The match starts at 1 pm (local time) on June 13, which means it is 2 am on June 14 in New South Wales, Australia. The match will be held at Estadio das Dunas in Natal.


Cameroon will start the match as a more powerful team on paper. Its strength will be seen on the field as well. Mexico will fall short of Cameroon's power and energy. The final score will be 2-0 in favour of the African team of players.

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