FIFA World Cup 2014 Analysis & Predictions: Group B – Spain, Netherlands, Chile & Australia

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Spain's soccer team during a training session
Spain's national soccer team head coach Vicente del Bosque offering tips to players REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Teams Qualified: Netherlands (1) & Chile (2)

Here is the second installment of the "Analysis & Predictions" series of the FIFA World Cup 2014. While we are one more day closer to the gala event, today we are going to analyse Group B and showcase our predictions for the group. Let's look at the possibilities of Group B.

Teams in the group

Spain, Netherlands, Chile & Australia are in Group B. This group promises to be one of the most competitive ones. With two big teams from Europe clashing with each other in the group, there is one from South America and the Australian continent each. This is the first time in the history of FIFA World Cups that Australia will face Spain. The same goes for the Netherlands and Chile which have never faced each other before in a world cup.

Morale of the teams

The most competitive aspect of the group is that the top two teams of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa are featuring in it. Spain clearly looks the strongest of them all with several iconic players who have contributed to the success of the defending world champion. Spain should be beaming with confidence whereas the Netherlands' road to the World Cup was an emphatic one. After leading striker Robin Van Persie had scored 11 goals in the qualifying rounds, the Dutch are also high in morale. Chile finished third from the South American Zone and has promising players who can take it forward. This is the third consecutive time Australia is a part of the World Cup. The journey this time had its ups and down. With a new coach on-board, the team is going through a transition phase.

Players on the spotlight

Spain: Xavi, Xabi Alonso & Andres Iniesta

Netherlands: Arjen Robben, Rafael Van Der Vaart & Robin Van Persie

Chile: Arturo Vidal, Claudio Bravo & Alexis Sanchez

Australia: Tim Cahill

Turning Point

The match between Spain and the Netherlands will be a turning point as it will decide the top team of the group. While there is hardly anything that can separate the two, the Dutch will certainly go for retaliation to compensate their World Cup loss in 2010. Whoever wins this match is going to finish on top. The urge for finishing on top will be high in this group as the second team in the group is likely to face Brazil in the next round, which is expected to finish first in Group A. Neither of the two may prefer facing Brazil so early in the tournament.


The Spain-Netherlands match will end up in a draw. Therefore, both teams will have 2 wins against the other two teams and 1 tie. Spain will score more goals than the Dutch so it will finish first in the group. The Australia-Chile match may give a surprise result. I'll put my money on the Aussies.

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