FIFA 15 Gets a New Trailer, More Details and Closed Beta for Xbox One Leaked

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Shoppers browse for video games near a poster advertising a FIFA soccer video game played on Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 console, at an electronics retail store in Tokyo
Shoppers browse for video games near a poster advertising a FIFA soccer video game played on Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 console, at an electronics retail store in Tokyo June 10, 2014. Sony joined other sponsors on Sunday to call on soccer's rulers to deal thoroughly with allegations of bribery to secure the 2022 World Cup for Qatar, an issue overshadowing this week's kickoff in Brazil. With its four yearly showpiece event only four days away, soccer's governing body FIFA is on the defensive, conducting an internal investigation into the decisions to hold the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 Cup in Qatar. Both countries have denied any wrongdoing. REUTERS

"FIFA 15" had been gunning for a next-gen feel for the game for the Xbox One and PS4, and it seems that the game is going into that territory indeed, given the newly released scans of the payers.

Independent features a couple of images that show off the real-life player versus their scanned counterparts in the game, and the scans are an uncanny replica of the real thing. Included in the roster of revealed scans are Krul, Mata, Navas, Aguero, Welbeck, Mignolet and Oscar.

More than the players, EA was also able to build a partnership with the Premier League, making the "FIFA 15" developer the Official Sports Technology Partner, and therefore gaining access to all the stadiums.

Because of this, there are 20 Premiere League stadiums for "FIFA 15," all of which have been carefully rendered with access to the original for a seat-by-seat replication.

"It brings our award-winning game to new levels of authenticity and realism, and enables fans to immerse themselves in the drama and emotion of the league," said EA chief operating officer Peter Moore in a statement quoted by Independent.

According to World Soccer Talk, another new technology that will be coming to "FIFA 15" is the goal line technology system. This new addition will make the game into a real soccer experience, as there will be replays to see if it's a goal or not.

In this way, you do not have to pause and replay in case you are in a dispute with players whether or not a shot was a goal or not. Just like the players emulating real life looks and feel, this technology will bring "FIFA 15" closer to the way that soccer is played in real life.

Another interesting technology on the field is the broadcast graphics, which are commonly used by international broadcasting companies. The one that will be seen in "FIFA 15" will be those that are used by Premiere League soccer games, as seen in the image in the link above.

Xbox Closed Beta to Start on August 21

With the release date for "FIFA 15 Ultimate Team" coming closer, players seem to have started receiving invites to a closed beta that's exclusively available for the Xbox One.

This is based on an image spotted over at Reddit by VG 24/7, which mentions the "FIFA 15 Ultimate Team" holding its exclusive closed beta on August 21.

Looking at the invite, it states that it's open only to those who are highly valued players on the Xbox One, as the space is limited. Participating in this closed beta will also mean that you will be one of the first to try out the "FIFA 15 Ultimate Team."

Even in the invitation, there are no specific instructions yet, as these will come with a later email. Microsoft itself has not yet announced anything as far as official confirmations of the closed beta are concerned, but the report does look forward to a mention during Microsoft's Gamescom press conference.

"FIFA 15" Gameplay Features (Credit: YouTube/EA SPORTS FIFA)

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