Few Wows in New Tablet: Iriver WOWtab with Android Jellybean vs. Nexus 7

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The new Iriver tablet is expected to arrive in South Korea and define the meaning of out-of-the-box thinking and creative branding. It is one of brands new to the market and lands on the other side of the coin compared to more known brands such as Samsung, HTC and Sony.

The device uses WOW as part of its name, but according to androidauthority.com, it would not elicit a Wow! From users compared to Nexus 7.

Iriver WOWtab does sports a remarkable 7-inch display screen, rectangular slab of silicon, and probably a unique design.

Iriver WOWtab technical specifications:

  • 7-inch screen display
  • 1280x800 display resolution
  • Android 4.1 Jellybean
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • Memory card expansion slot
  • 4000mAh battery life

Will it win against Nexus 7? Not in the overall specifications, though Iriver WOWtab has the plus on the storage needs with its memory card expansion which Nexus 7 lacks.

Its screen is not even IPS that Nexus 7 has, but the 1280x800 resolution would be fair enough for its screen size. Users must also be careful when using its touchscreen lest they scratch WOWtab which does not have strong protection like the Corning Gorilla Glass.

The camera in WOWtab is a bit higher with 2MP against the 1.2MP of Nexus 7, but Nexus 7 is ahead when it comes to Android version update for 4.2.1. Both devices have the same amount of 1GB RAM, processor type and clock speed, and wireless connectivity.

For the price, it is a downside for WOWtab which will be sold for around $230 in South Korea compared to Nexus 7's $210.

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