Feud Not Over: Chris Brown Bitter On Frank Ocean's Win [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Frank Ocean Beats Chris Brown at Grammys 2013


A picture is indeed “worth a thousand words.” A Grammy-moment was captured in a picture showing Chris Brown remaining seated while the rest of world around him were up on their feet, giving fellow nominee (and now, a winner) Frank Ocean a standing ovation, as he was receiving the award for the “Best Urban Country Album.”

As the “No Church in the Wild” singer was making his way to the stage to receive his trophy for the controversial, yet new category for the awards, members of the audience gave him a standing ovation. Almost everyone was in tune giving him a thumbs up, except, well of course, Chris Brown.

This moment has sparked the feud anew, between Ocean and Brown which started over a parking-space brawl outside the Westlake Studios in Los Angeles last January 25.

Frank Ocean may have “forgiven” Chris Brown over a controversial brawl outside the recording studio, but it looks like the 25-year-old rapper is singing a payback tune as he was accepting his award at the Grammys 2013.

And Brown has been regarded “a sore loser” for not standing up along with other stars at the Staples Center during the much-anticipated award’s show in the music scene held Sunday, February 10. The HollywoodLife.com noted however, that the 23-year-old Brown had at least had the courage to applaud for Ocean.

As if sensing the tension between the warring R&B singers, the picture also showed the fellow artists participating in a one-minute drama. Seen in the picture was Adele looking very curiously towards Brown’s direction. The “Yeah 3x” hit singer was pictured sitting with his on-and-off girlfriend, Rihanna and was perfectly seated at the Center’s front rows to everyone’s view.

The tension between Brown and Ocean escalated following a fight late January. It was then when Ocean took to Twitter claiming Brown and his two friends “jumped him” over a parking-spot row outside the studio.

Ocean said he had incurred some injuries but later withdrew plans to file charges against the embattled Brown. The “Channel Orange” singer posted an official statement on his Tumblr account noting he is “forgiving” Brown.

Whether or not Ocean’s “forgiveness” was motivated to earning some positive points before the Grammys 2013, the move sure did him good. It was good for Brown too as he was spared from another legal battle. Should Ocean pursued to take the case to court, Brown would have been in a much bigger trouble as his probation involving Rihanna’s assault would have cost him more than just a Grammy trophy.

Do you think Chris Brown should just sit this one out and record great music again for another face-off with Frank Ocean at next year’s Grammys?

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