Fernando Alonso Feels ‘Emptiness’ Without Schumi

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Ferrari Formula One driver Fernando Alonso of Spain waves as he arrives at the third practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco May 24, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Pratta
Ferrari Formula One driver Fernando Alonso of Spain waves as he arrives at the third practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco May 24, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Pratta REUTERS

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso has reportedly expressed his sympathy for the fate of racing legend Michael Schumacher at the recently concluded Monaco Grand Prix.

During the traditional charity football match held before the race this weekend, the Spanish Formula One (F1) racing driver, who is currently sprinting for Scuderia Ferrari, told French sports newspaper L 'Equipe as reported by Focus.de, that he felt "emptiness" without Schumacher.

"For us who knew Michael as someone who was so strong, resolute, and invincible, it seems that what happened to him was surreal," Alonso told the French newspaper via online translation. "He was a hero, even for me as I am still driving cars," Alonso added.

"Our thoughts are all with him, and we wait for him to come back."

In addition to Alonso, racer drivers, Nico Rosberg and Jules Bianci, have also expressed their support for Schumacher and wrote "Get well soon, Schumi," on a letter, the German news Web site further reported.

In January, Alonso said he wanted to pay tribute to Schumacher by rivalling Schumacher's success with Ferrari, Independent.co.uk reported.

"Schumacher won the title in his fifth year with Ferrari and I am in my fifth year now," Alonso cited.

"Hopefully, I can repeat some of the success he had."

"In 2010 and 2012, we were very close, hopefully, this will be a good one."

Alonso placed fourth at the Monaco Grand Prix behind Red Bull's Daniel Ricciado, Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes' Nico Rosberg at third, second, and first places, respectively. Alonso has now reportedly competed in 20 races without bringing home a victory.

According to Alonso, his fourth place finish was the best the Ferrari could have achieved, F1fanatic.co.uk reported.

Alonso had also encountered some electrical problems at the onset. He said they didn't have the enough horsepower in the beginning and along the first straight. Fortunately for Alonso, he was able to overtake which was why he was able to maintain his positions.

"The race is very tough for us."

"We had some luck and overtook some guys so I think fourth was the maximum we could do today."

Alonso is expected to race at the Canadian Grand Prix on June 8, posted on his official Web site.

"Finishing just off the podium today was a good result, especially after a difficult start and the various incidents during the race. At the start, something in the motor didn't work, but even if I'd had full power, there was no room to overtake. The three cars ahead of me deserved to be there as they were really uncatchable. I am pleased with fourth place, because we were able to manage a race in which you had to always maintain the highest level of concentration as there were plenty of tense moments. Our pace was good and that means that, bit by bit, we are improving. Sure, the gap to the leaders is still significant, because like us, they are still moving forward on the development front. Therefore we must always try to do better, starting with the next race in Canada."


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