Female Ukrainians Stage Sex Boycott against Russian Men

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Pro-Russia protesters burn a Ukranian flag outside the district council building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 4, 2014. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk accused Russia on Sunday of engineering clashes in Odessa that led to the deaths of more than 40 pro-Russian activists in a blazing building and pushed the country closer to civil war. Reuters

Female Ukrainian journalists staged a sex boycott against Russian men as their form of protest against the unlawful incursion of their home territory.

The group called Ne Dai Russkomu is comprised of female Ukrainian journalists who are calling all women to "fight against the enemy with any means necessary."

Ne Dai Russkomu when translated in English means Don't Give It to a Russian. The group is selling a protest T-shirt quoting a 176 -year-old Ukrainian poem titled Katerina by author Taras Shevchenko .

"Fall in love, O dark-browed maidens, But not with the Moscali [Russians]," the poem reads.

The group's campaign shirt comes with a logo of cupped hands suggestive of another Ukrainian female sex symbol.

Ne Dai Russkomu's Facebook page already has 3,500 likes just within seven days of it being created. People around the world accept the campaign positively but Russian men were sarcastic and scathing about the campaign.

Katerina Venzhik, the chief editor at Ukrainian news portal Delo.ua and one of Ne Dai Russkomu's founder, explained that their campaign is more than just a sex boycott as how the international media sensationalized it.  

"This is a movement inspired by the situation in Crimea, and yes, we want to draw attention to that - to the kidnappings of journalists and social activists (and even the Ukrainian military, in the last couple days), to the infringements on the rights of Tatars, to the fact that people are starting to be persecuted for having a Ukrainian flag in the yard," Venzhik said.

The group, with members including Irina Rubis, the CEO of a financial publishing house, singer Irena Karpa, and journalist/PR specialist Yulia Savostina, is actually calling to boycott everything that is coming from Russia, including goods and men.

Member Savostina is actually involved with another group campaigning to use only Ukrainian-made products.

Venzhik, however, said that the group is thankful for international media who had given an attractive interpretation of their advocacy.

"It is with their help that we've been able to attract maximum attention in Europe and the United States. Ukrainians know how to fight the occupiers with more than just weapons," she said.

Venzhik underlined that the international media does not know the appalling situation in Ukraine.

"The global press doesn't see all of this, the Russian press doesn't want to note all of this, and as long as we [the Ukrainian press] aren't talking about it, no one will find out. The general message of "Don't Give It to a Russian" is a call not to buy [Russian] goods and to defend our land, our language, our freedom. And yes, also to prefer Ukrainian men!"

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