Female Peshmerga Fighters Possible Recipients To Successful ADF Military Mission To Iraq

  @AringoYenko on September 03 2014 6:08 PM

All-female units of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in combat with the ISIS in Northern Iraq can possibly be the recipients of the successful ADF military mission to Iraq

The Department of Defence confirmed in a statement that its mission to deliver military stores in Northern Iraq had been successful.

Australia's C-174 Globemaster safely landed at  Al Minhad Air Base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The aircraft's crew denied reports that they were shot at during the mission.

The chief of Joint Operations, Vice Admiral David Johnston, said that more humanitarian aid, military stores and support flights will happen in the coming days. The Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules and C-17A Globemaster aircraft remain available to assist with more tasks.

Johnston acknowledged the crew's great job at successfully holding the mission.

He underlined that all Australian missions are being coordinated with the Iraqi government. As in the case of the ammunitions delivered, Iraqi officials had first inspected and cleared the cargo before the aircraft made its landing in Erbil.

He added that all future contribution from Australia will be duly coordinated with the Iraqi government and its regional partners such as the United States, Albania, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, a documentary from Vocativ, in collaboration with MSNBC, features an all-female unit of Peshmerga front liners.

One of these fighters is Col. Rangeen Majeed, 32-year-old, a sniper who "would be very happy to kill ISIS."

"The other day in Kirkuk. I begged them for the sniper rifle so that I could kill some of them," she said in the documentary.

The female fighters are undergoing intensive training separately from their male counterparts. They are taught how to fire AK-47s and brandish rocket-propelled grenades.

Chelan Shakwan, 24 years old, designated to carry out assault rifle missions, said that she is not afraid of the ISIS and she is willing to sacrifice herself for her country.

The all-female unit has also members that are housewives and mothers.

Officials of the Peshmerga fighters said that the women fighters are notable for their fierce attitude towards the enemies.

 "Women are tougher than the men sometimes," Lt Ismael Hameed Muhamed said.

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