Female Officer in Canada Accused of Kissing Inmate, Loses Job

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A female officer in a Canada jail lost her job after having been accused of kissing one of the inmates.

The incident took place at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility when a female correctional worker allegedly kissed a male inmate in the prison library. It happened in January 2014 and, as a result, the worker had to sacrifice her job. Her offence was multiple breaches of professional code of conduct, CBC News reported.

The incident of the officer kissing the inmate was reported to one of the supervisors by another worker who claimed to have witnessed it. The witness submitted a report on Jan 27 where he mentioned that he was walking past the closed library door when he saw the officer apparently kissing the "victim" at the back of the library.

When the accused were asked about the allegation, none of them accepted it. They refused to admit that they had any kind of physical interaction with each other. On the other hand, it was revealed during the interviews that the female officer did receive things from the inmate.

Deputy Superintendent of Operations Tracy Dominix wrote that the officer admitted receiving letters, Christmas cards and "hand drawn pictures" from the inmate. "The items could be classified as personal,". he wrote. The officer also admitted that the incident should have been reported to the captain. She also admitted that she should have told the inmate that he should not be writing to her.

The officer admitted that she took the inmate to the library on several occasions. Even though they stayed for an extended period in the library, they denied having any sort of physical intimacy with each other. The officer also admitted to having been advised by her peers that she should not be spending so much time with the inmate. She confessed that she "crossed the line."

The inmate said that he is in love with the officer.

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