Female Cadet in Air Force Skype Sex Scandal Quits Military School on Medical Grounds

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The female cadet of the Royal Australian Air Force who was the centre of the Skype sex scandal in 2011 has left the military training school. A spokesperson of the Department of Defence confirmed her leaving the academy but did not provide additional details to protect her privacy.

The student, referred to in media reports as Kate, left the RAAF this week after she sought discharge on medical grounds.

She was 18 when the scandal broke out after her sex session with Daniel McDonald, a male cadet in the academy was broadcast via messaging service Skype from the open computer in Mr McDonald's bedroom.  The live sex session was streamed to another bedroom in the campus and was viewed by several male cadets.

Kate, while she admitted the sex session was consensual, insisted she was unaware that their dalliance was being broadcast. But Mr McDonald said she was aware and even said "hi" in front of the camera.

A trial ensued and Mr McDonald and co-accused Dylan Deblaquiere, both 21 then, were placed on good behavior bond but escaped jail time; however, they eventually left the academy.

The five other male cadets who watched the Skype sex session, Corey Parker, Damian Mahon, Zach Fitzgerald, Jackson Pysh and David Pace were expelled.

With Kate's discharge, all the cadets involved in the Skype sex scandal are no longer with the academy.

The publicity given to the case led to similar cases uncovered, resulting in major reforms in the department such as the launch in March 2012 of the five-year Pathway to Change.

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