Female American Future Doctor Offers Virginity to Highest Bidder; Plans to Have First Sex in Australia

By @ibtimesau on

Selling virginity on the Internet is no longer new. Several women, mostly teenagers in desperate need of money, do it out of financial necessity.

However, in the case of a 28-year-old American female who is a medical student, her purpose is to expose the absurdity of U.S. laws that makes it illegal to sell one's virginity when many women just give it away and to oppose the law.

To go around the regulations, the future doctor who uses the online name Elizabeth Raine, plans to have her first sex in Australia. The student of a prominent medical school in the U.S. and holder of biology and engineering degrees offered results of a medical and polygraph test to prove she is still a virgin.

She also assured would-be bidders that she is not ugly since one of her Web pages does not have any photo, but Raine promised to send the winning bidder her photo. The auction for her virginity closed on May 3. Raine added that if the winner thinks she is not pretty enough, he may withdraw his bid.

She listed her height as 5' 10" and weight as 130 lbs, while her hair is blonde and her eyes are green.

The bids have reached the $100,000 mark and is said to have even topped $500,000.

However, another of her Web page has several face photos.

She said she would be willing to kiss her future bed partner, but he must put on a condom and he must not be violent with her. The winning bidder will have a legal contract, Raine said.

Raine said she would donate 35 per cent of the proceeds to a charity bring provides education to females in developing nations, but would keep some money for herself. 

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