Feb 14 is SAD (Single Awareness Day); 10 Memes for Single People on Valentine’s Day

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With just a day to V-Day, the apparent loneliness of people with no special someone or significant other is highlighted. Given a choice, most people would rather be in a relationship than remain unattached, especially every Feb 14.

A Harris Poll survey of more than 2,000 American adult males done online found that some men would rather go through a root canal than be single on V-Day.

So their being loveless and dateless would not be noticed, some men go to the shooting range and spend an average of $250 to $300 to blast their loneliness away.

As their numbers are apparently increasing, some people call love day as Single Awareness Day instead.

One study suggested for singles to scout for potential partners in cities known for having large number of unattached people. For single women, they have higher chances in San Francisco and San Diego in California, while for males, the good hunting grounds are in Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

However, a blogger in Huffington Post cited six reasons why it is better to be single on Valentine's Day. Her reasons are:

l  There is no need to fake interest in some romantic gesture

l  No need to be part of a last-ditch effort to save a relationship

l  Saves money

l  Saves the pretending to like something that someone gave you for a more important event

l  Gives you the freedom to get drunk, and

l  The opportunity to have anonymous S-E-X!

People who for years have been used to being single now find the issue a dead one, giving them the opportunity to do what they want on Feb 14.

Or accept a bitter reality

Others still blame Cupid for being poor at shooting arrows

While others exert effort to get a date, which could refer to the fruit

or something written in numbers in the calendar

Or indulging in a passion

For singles in such a situation, it would be a good idea to spent the day busy at work

But for some, the better option is to pretend that he or she has a thriving love life.

It's your choice whether to survive the day

Or even enjoy it.

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