FEATURE Sydney Leathers : The Woman Behind Anthony Weiner Latest Sext Scandal; Top Things You Should Know

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In a society, where women always seemed violated twice when implicated in sex scandal like the one involving Anthony Weiner, the fingers have always been pointed to the woman, like Sydney Leathers, and not to the alleged “sexual predator” apparently running as New York Mayor.

One year after the sexting scandal, critics claim it would be unthinkable why Weiner would subject himself to another scandal that brought him down in the first place. This, after he claimed that he had undergone rehabilitation and with his wife, Huma professing shocking forgiveness and love for him. Weiner resigned from Congress a year ago for the similar sexting scandal and it appeared he hasn’t learned his lessons.

The former Congressman has been making headlines once again for reportedly posting his penis on Facebook using different names- - Carlos Danger and Danger33. While he had hoped that he could get away with it with bizarre aliases, he must be regretting “preying” on a 23-year old woman from Indiana.

Sydney Leathers is a woman of binary opposites - - one that wouldn’t seem to sit well when you first see her in photos. A look at the photos she posted on Facebook and other social media network, like MySpace, revealed that Sydney is one to boast her assets like how Kate Upton does. Most of her photos used in multiple news outlets featured the “sexting whistleblower” as a buxom brunette, sharing selfies that show off “major cleavage.”

But Sydney has more to offer than her good looks and massive bosom.

Further research showed that Sydney is one intelligent woman.

Top Things to Know about Sydney Leathers: 1. A liberal activist. She writes blogs for the Indiana Progressive Liberals. 2. A Barack Obama campaigner. Sydney was a field organizer for the Obama re-election campaigns. 3. She is 23 year old from Illinois and a highly opinionated one. 4. She once claimed Anthony Weiner a hero. Sydney believed Weiner when no one else did. 5. She had just hired a lawyer. For fear of what Weiner could be cooking up against her, Sydney reportedly got the services of a lawyer. 6. She plans to write a book. Reports claim Sydney has hired an agent with her plans to write a ‘tell-all” book. Nina L. Diamond ‏@ninatypewriter : “Anthony Weiner sexting scandal: Sydney Leathers reportedly has an agent, plans to write tell-all book” 7. Affair with Weiner began in July 2012. The NY mayoral candidate apparently offered her a job at Politico and a condo, where they are supposedly going to meet to have sex.

8. Sydney has been disillusioned of what she knows of Weiner

 “The part that’s most annoying is that I was 22 years old and in a bad place, but if anyone asked him he would say the same thing about himself, yet he’s an adult,” Sydney was quoted as telling thedirty.com, according to the NY Post.

9. She thought she was in love. Sydney added, “This was a bad situation for me because I really admired him. Even post-scandal, I thought he was misunderstood. Until I got to know him. I thought I loved him. Pretty pathetic.” It didn’t take her long enough to decide to take responsibility of her actions. She decided to come out armed with all the racy photos, including Weiner’s penis and the raunchy sext messages with the aspiring Mayor.

A photo on Twitter said, “God Help N.Y. If He’s a Mayor.”

Twitter followers have all but support for Sydney.

Dan Rossi ‏@TheRealDanRossi @SydneyLeathers: “Weiner may be a creep, but you are beautiful so he's got good taste #silverlining.”

Barbara Kenig ‏@PRPROLV: “@SydneyLeathers_ Don't respond to those who don't have ur best interests at heart. U took responsibility; now Weiner has 2 pay price.”

With reports that Sydney had just hired a lawyer and an agent for a tell-all book, critics and Sdyney’s followers assert that Weiner must think twice running for N.Y mayoral office.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post noted that the former Democrat representative from New York has reportedly had online relationships with six to 10 women while still serving Congress. It is believed that about three women had fallen for his "charm" online after resigning. New polls show however, that his support has dropped since he declared candidacy as Mayor for New York City. 

Photos of the 23-year old liberal can be viewed here. TMZ has more racy photos here.

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