FEATURE Kate Upton: Why Her Topless, Horse Riding Video Keeps on RE-surfacing and Trending on the Internet [VIDEO]

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Kate Upton may have bagged the high-profile Model of the Year award at the Style Awards on Sept. 14, and she may have stolen the show on Day 13 of the U.S. Open on Sept 7, but her topless, horse-riding video still manages to outdo any latest news of the stunning model.

Ever wonder why Kate Upton’s topless, horse riding video keeps on resurfacing and taking the World Wide Web by storm, every single time, when it makes headlines online? All these, despite the Model of the Year award at 10th Style Awards and turning heads at the U.S. Open?

While we think it’s all forgotten and buried in Internet cookies and caches, the news of Kate Upton’s horse-riding video is back online and it sure is setting to go viral, for the nth time.

Almost three months after TMZ posted a video of one of its staff watching the infamous Kate Upton video on June 21, 2013, Latinos Post published an article titled Kate Upton Naked Topless Horse .Gif, Uncensored Video Clip Released on Sept. 14, 2013.

A look at the article offered details, most of which ring a bell, as we have read most of them in the last two months and three weeks to date. Its headlines offered the uncensored video clip (in gif) and the body. For men who have yet to drool in their keyboard punching on “Kate Upton-topless, horseriding video” keywords, yes indeed, this could be your chance.

Clicking on the report by Latinos Post revealed Kate Upton completely topless. The report linked its source to egotastic.com which braved the World Wide Web with Kate’s lady bags in full view, a refreshing sight to see a stunning lady, with looks like any teen as herself. Kate was barely 19 when the video was shot yet with major assets to flaunt that every man on the planet would want.

There were no supporting details, however, in the report with “uncensored photo” by egotastic.com, even posing a safe question “Could This Be Kate Upton Uncensored Topless on That Horse?”

A separate news was created by the same outlet with “some details” but the article again played it safe by raising more questions, asking the validity of the photo. The brief article used the censored photo of Kate, strategically placing text in her twins, in white background.

Egotastic.com: “This appears to be an uncensored snapshot of the censored Kate Upton on a horse that was previously running on TMZ and now has disappeared. Why? I do not know? Is this a legit VLC screencap? I do not know. I feel like a caveman that has become unfrozen in the future and is befuddled by modern technology. Though make no mistake, that caveman still wants to see Kate Upton topless.”

A similar report by wwtdd.com on June 24 offered the gif of Kate taking off that tiny, little bra.

This lack of details and split-second video has been compensated in a series of reports by IBTimes-AU. The news reports published by IBTimes-AU provided description of the video and what really happened during the shoot. It described Kate’s state of mind “and body” as she was receiving instructions from the production group, particularly the ones that involved taking off her tiny bra, and leaving her with nothing but a yellow flower in her left ear and tiny, nude bikini to protect her “modesty.”

The same reports even provided a background of Kate and her career and took a look back to who she was before she skyrocketed to international superstardom after gracing Sports Illustrated cover in February 2012.

The comprehensive reports of the same uncensored video and photo made by IBTimes-AU had indeed, gone trending every single time.

The reports had the same uncensored topless photo. But the news outlet also included the longer video of topless Kate in horse riding photoshoot. This can also be found in numerous IBTimes-AU reports and the video as you scroll down the article.

But at this point, one may be equally, if not more interested to know why the sizzling model’s horse riding video keep on re-surfacing online and trending, every single time it hits the World Wide Web.

IBTimes-AU has top three reasons for you: 1. Kate loves her buxom, curves. She’s sexy and she knows it. Kate Upton embraces her curves. And she’s not afraid to flaunt it. And no, she’s not hiding her curves. And Kate believes that her curves are what Sports Illustrated represent.

“I love my curves. You know, I'm healthy and I think that's what Sports Illustrated represents: healthy, confident women who love their bodies,” said Kate in one of the best quotes HollywoodLife.com has of the stunning model.

2. Men love her buxom, curves Nothing could be more attractive to a woman who embraces You see a man eyeballing Kate’s behind on Day 13 of the U.S. While everyone was all eyes on the tennis ball, an unidentified man was caught checking out her behind. See the photo in slideshow.

Kate is a mega-blond bombshell and she’s the type that men want based on the survey conducted by Askmen.com.

OMG!Yahoo: “This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read a magazine, turned on a television or not lived under a rock for the past year, as mega-blond bombshell Kate Upton has dominated men's imaginations. Videos of her casually dancing at NBA games or bouncing up and down in bikinis have gone viral, and a leaked video of her riding topless on a horse nearly broke the Internet when it was released this past month.”

3. She loves horses, no doubt. Kate was a competing equestrienne before we knew her without them and her clothes. And she has all the right to ride that horse as it represents who really is Kate Upton.

There’s nothing more pleasing for men to watch than a woman asserting her identity and what makes her happy.

“I do still have a horse. He lives up in Michigan with my parents,” said Kate in an interview with askmen.com.

She noted in the interview however, that she hasn’t been riding her horse to compete but she finds time riding her baby.

Kate added, “No, I haven’t been able to compete for a while now, but I still get to ride all the time. My sister goes to the University of Georgia on an equestrian scholarship, so I go visit and watch her shows , so I still kind of feel a part of it. But I do miss showing.”

Now Kate has a lot more “showing” to do and she has been succeeding since we know her from the sizzling Sports Illustrated cover.

START the SLIDESHOW for stunning Kate Upton photos. VIDEO can be watched here.

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