FC Barcelona Centre-Back Gerard Piqué Overly Possessive With Wife Shakira, Won’t Let Her Do Music Videos with Sexy Men Anymore

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Is Shakira in a possessive relationship with Gerard Piqué? A report say that the Latina singer is being banned from doing music videos that star sexy men.

According to the Daily Mail, the FC Barcelona soccer star doesn't want sexy men cuddling his partner, which is why Shakira and Rihanna, who both collaborated in the song Can't Remember to Forget You, settled utilising their radiating sexualities for the song's music video.

Watch Shakira and Rihanna's music video below:

Video courtesy: YouTube/ShakiraVEVO

Speaking to Billboard as reported by the said the webloid, Shakira said that Piqué is defensive of his territory, especially from prowlers. "He's very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do it with women," Shakira said.

The 37-year-old beautiful singer said that she understands that the state of her relationship with Piqué no longer allow her to make sexy music videos with men like she used to do before, and she is definitely comfortable with it. The fact that Piqué is protecting his territory in her is something that Shakira likes because it only means that he values her.

Since Piqué doesn't want Shakira to do get involved in sexy collaborations with men, she decided to do a song with Rihanna. Shakira further explained that Piqué didn't mind her getting all raunchy and sexy with the RnB singer. In fact, she said that the only person that Piqué would ever give consent to touch her in a sexy way is Rihanna.

Shakira and Piqué started dating in 2010. She is 11 years older than him. The duo had one child named Milan who just turned one in January. Shakira and Piqué are a picture of two persons who are deeply in love with each other. They reportedly first met in 2010 when Shakira did the song "Waka Waka" for the World Cup. Piqué, who was only 23 then, even made a cameo appearance in its music video.

During an interview with Billboard for her upcoming album, Shakira said she wrote one track for Piqué titled 23, with lyrics that say "Hey, do you believe in destiny because I do as I did then, when you were only 23." Shakira dished out that the 27-year-old footballer won her heart during the World Cup after saying that he would dedicate every goal he scores for her.

A jealous and a possessive partner is different from a possessive partner who only wants to protect his lady. As for Piqué's case, like Shakira already said, he just wants to protect her and, she doesn't mind that at all because she knows she's being valued and cared for.

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