'Fault in Our Stars' Film Update: Shailene Woodley to Star as Hazel Grace Lancaster [PHOTOS]


John Green's best-selling novel and book of the year 2012, "The Fault in Our Stars" is up for a film adaptation.

Fans are excited to see who among Hollywood's best and brightest would portray the lead characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Walters. News has it that one actress has caught the eye of Author Green as the perfect match to Hazel Grace Lancaster and it is none other than Shailene Woodley.

"The Fault in Our Stars" definitely made its mark on young adults with the story centred on two Cancer-stricken teenagers who ironically fall in love. The book has been widely loved for its emotional honesty, wit and warmth. Given Green's novel had been Time Magazine's Book of the Year of 2012, it has been shaped up to be a great film this year.

"Big news is forthcoming in re The Fault in Our Stars movie. THIS HAS BEEN A VERY EXCITING COUPLE OF DAYS," stated Green on his official Twitter account.

"500 Days of Summer" Scott Nuestadter and Michael H. Weber are set to produce the film this summer and they've got an actress in mind. In fact, even Author John Green approves of their potential actress for Hazel Grace Lancaster.

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" star, Shailene Woodley is under consideration for the film. Woodley's representative has confirmed the news that the Golden Globe-nominated actress is currently under negotiations to play the role of the 16-year old Cancer-stricken teenager.

 Though Woodley won't likely be able to play the role, Shailene as of late has also been signed up to play Tris in another famous film adaptation, "Divergent." The Golden Globe-nominated actress is also presently filming scenes for "The Amazing Spiderman 2" as Mary Jane Watson opposite Andrew Garfield's character, Peter Parker.

For now, the cast for the film adaptation of "Fault in Our Stars" is a long way in the wait with the director's seat still vacant.

"It's tricky; you always want to do it with a director. We won't pick an actor without the director," explained Producer Wyck Godfrey, adding, "The director really should be at the center of that, but the great news is we have our choice of the best actresses and actors of their generation."

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