‘The Fault in our Stars' Film: The Differences from John Green's Bestselling Book

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Fans of the John Green's bestselling book were ecstatic to learn of the movie adaptation that would star Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. Based on the Twitter reaction, fans were hoping that the movie adaptation would bring more of the book out then other movie adaptations do. Why would fans that have read the book be disappointed about the movie? Here are a few reasons why they would be a tad bit disappointed on the movie adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars."

Like every other movie adaptation such as "The Lord of the Rings," and "Harry Potter," movie adaptations seem to take out some of the parts that the book may have. A few reasons why directors do this is to make a smoother flowing movie, a shorter movie and leave of minor details that do not have an effect on the plot itself. Although the movie adaptation certainly stayed true to the book itself, fans who are book purists would notice a few minor things that didn't make it to the movie adaptation.

Why is the bestselling book of John Green the same as most movie adaptations? The movie did leave out a few things that fans would have wanted in the movie:

1.       Augustus or Gus wasn't portrayed with a former girlfriend.

2.       Augustus has siblings in the book but in the movie they don't seem to exist at all

3.       Hazel doesn't have any friends, where is Kaitlyn?

4.       The letter in the book was given to Hazel and not her going through a chase to find the letter for her by Augustus

5.       Augustus' struggle wasn't at all detailed like that in the book

While such deviations from the book might be minor details, staying loyal to the book would have been better. Shailene and Ansel, however, were nothing short but awesome in giving justice to their roles. 

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