Father's Emotional Drunk Driving Message Goes Viral

The Video Got Nearly 500,000 Shares in Less Than Six Days
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A grieving father's emotional video message to the world on drinking and driving goes viral on the internet.

Rick Ellis lost his 6 year-old daughter Lindsey, four years ago in a drunken driving accident. Lindsey's mother was behind the wheel. The incident left Rick devastated and heartbroken.

Standing near her grave he recorded a message for several people out there, several alcoholics who have loved ones who depend on them, loved ones who care about them. "If I can help anybody, I want you to listen to me," Ellis said in his video.

Life isn't about getting high he began. Tears rolling down he continued, that when things go wrong grabbing a whisky or a beer is not going to help. You need to stay strong and turn towards God.

"My little girl was killed from a mother who wanted to get high; drink, party and have fun," Ellis said.

"It didn't work out to well. I'm going to show you something that is the end result of your partying on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever. Want to get drunk, play around get stupid? This is what happens."

He panned the camera to the grave of his daughter and wife, their names Lindsey Kay Ellis and Christy M John Ellis engraved on it. They are buried next to each other. His wife had been partying for two nights, she was drunk he described, they were getting back home and met with an accident on the way.

"They were crushed to death," he wept.

"This is my precious little girl who had been killed in a drunk driving accident. She died in Beaumont Mississippi, her mother tried to drive home to the Gulf Shores Alabama after her boyfriend beat her up."

He choked as he said that if you are struggling with addiction, if you're struggling with alcohol then he hopes the video would help. "Don't let your loved ones look down on you, six feet in the ground because you couldn't handle life," he said. Pull your boot legs up and make something of your life.

Ellis' video touched hearts, those who have lost their family to addiction those who have lost themselves to it. The video was uploaded on July 17, within 6 days the video went viral with nearly 500,000 shares on Facebook.

He ended the video with these heart warming lines, "Fight for something, stand for something, there's plenty of drunks in this world and you don't need to be one."

Rick Ellis has succeeded in sending his message across to the world, in helping lives, touching hearts. His daughter may be dead, but she still lives in the his and all those people's hearts he's touched.

Click to view Rick's video message.

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