Father's Day 2014: Top 10 Last-Minute, Unique yet Affordable Gift Ideas to Make Dads Feel Loved and Appreciated

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Father's Day is fast approaching and looking for that perfect gift for your father can be a task. If you haven't yet decided that perfect gift which will make him feel exactly how you feel about him. Think a little out-of-the-box and present him with something thoughtful rather than an expensive gift. Here are top 10 last minute Father's Day gift ideas that will convey your message, show your love and make him feel appreciated for all his painstaking efforts. These gift ideas are unique yet affordable.

Top 10 Last Minute, Unique Yet Affordable Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. A Family Day: One of the best Father's Day gift ideas is to gift him a special family day. Due to work and business, dads often miss out on spending quality time with family. Plan a family get-together and bring all the loved ones together on this special occasion. Plan the evening with lots of fun activities.

2. A Special Breakfast or Dinner: Make your father feel special with a special meal on this Father's Day. Do the unexpected and give him a totally affordable surprise, either as his first meal of the day or the last one. Take the help of your mother or siblings and prepare a special meal for your dad. This will show your effort and delight him. Make sure to include all those food items that he absolutely loves.

3. Pamper Him: Dads often live a hectic life that can exhaust them and leave them fatigued. A day at a local spa will only rejuvenate him. On the occasion of Father's Day, plenty of discounted offers are available at spas and salons. Gift them with one of those.  

4. Do What he Loves to Do: Fathers also have some whims and fancies that they often let go off when trying to protect and provide to their families. So think of what they love to do. Get to know about their favourite hobbies and spend time doing it with him. It could be cooking, fishing, dancing, gardening or anything at all. Just do what he loves to do, something that makes him happy.

5. A Much Needed Gift: With few days left for shopping, the best idea is to drop looking for something fancy. Instead buy something that will really make a difference to his existence, something that he really needs and have been thinking of buying since a long time. It could be something small like a pen or a planner. Don't hesitate to just pick it up for him because that will definitely bring a smile to his face.

6. Go Out With Him: Make the most of this holiday together. Take your dad out for an outing. If he loves movies, watch a movie. If he is a beer fan, have one with him in his favourite pub. As a father's day surprise, one can also take his or her dad to an unexplored place.

7. Say it With Words: Out of aforementioned Father's Day gift ideas, this is the most affordable one and unique in its own way. A poem from the heart or a letter expressing one's feelings makes for a perfect gift that will bring a smile or tears of joy in your dad's eyes.

8. Help Him Around: Don't let him stress out on this day due to work pressure. Help him finish a chore or some pending work. This is the best you can do to help him get rid of work pressure and enjoy the day. This gesture will make his day and make him feel cared for.

9. Build His Phone: This will take some extra effort, but filling in your dad's smartphone with utility apps will only be cherished. Think about his passion and hobbies and download everything related to his favourite activities. It could be games, to-do list or a simple flashlight app. Just do it for the all-important man of your life.

10. A List of Life Hacks: Get on the internet and look for some tricks and tips that can make your dad's life easier especially at work. These hacks can help him tackle difficult life situations. Jot down at least 20 life hacks and gift it to your dad as father's day gift. This last minute, affordable and unique gift will make him feel loved and cared for 

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