Father's Day 2014: Dads Want to Dine Out on Town's Best Restaurant - Survey [Watch YouTube Clips]

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Father's Day is just around the corner, and dads would want to dine out in town's best restaurants according to a survey conducted by Insure.com.

According to an American-based company Insure.com, the company surveyed 999 fathers with children below 18 living at home. Fathers were asked about their top gift choices for Father's Day by letting them pick from 18 choices.

The survey results showed that 31 percent of dads preferred dinner at the town's best restaurant while 27 percent of them picked weekend getaway with the whole family. Twenty-six percent of dads surveyed also mentioned electronics and another 26 percent opted for tickets to a show or sporting event. Another 25 percent of the respondents also wanted a weekend getaway with the wife and 21 percent of them chose power tools.

For families living in Sydney, they can bring their dads on Father's Day to Quay Restaurant or Momofuko Seibo Restaurant. According to top10restaurants.com, Quay has earned the title as "Best Restaurant in Australiasia." It also retained three hat status in the SMH Good Food Guide and three stars in Gourmet Traveller magazine into 2011. The restaurant has the iconic scenery of the Sydney Opera House at one side and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the other side. Among the restaurants sample menu is pearl oyster and sea scallop sashimi, fennel milk, summer squash, smoked eel tapioca, egg white pearl flower, and wasabi.

Momofuko Seibo Restaurant is the first venture for the Momofuku group outside of the U.S. This restaurant has a seamless blend of Japanese kaiseki procedures and western methods. Just like all the other restaurants in the Momofuko chain, Momofuko Seibo features locally grown products by finding sustainable ingredients with seasonal variance. The restaurant is known for its ramen bowls and pork buns.

Meanwhile, those living in Melbourne can take their fathers to a memorable gastronomic encounter at Attica Restaurant. Attica ranks 53rd on the World Top 100 restaurants and has Australian and contemporary cuisine. The restaurant is famous for its exceptional and eclectic ingredients which are prepared with intricate and a plethora of home-brewed technology inside the restaurant's kitchen.

Meanwhile, while those in Victoria can treat their dads to Royal Mail Hotel. Its restaurant has earned three hats in the 2012 Good Food Guide. The restaurant is located amidst the stunning scenery of the Grampian Ranges. The ingredients come from locally-grown produce which are combined with technique and technology resulting in dishes that are fairly simple in their scope of flavours but has great intensity, balance and textural variety. Some of the restaurant's sample menu includes sea salad, lemon and lychee or the tomato on toast and handmade sheep's ricotta.

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