Father Stabs 12-Year-Old Son to Death During Cricket Training in Melbourne

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A father stabbed his son to death at in Melbourne during a cricket training camp at a sports oval. Right after he killed his son, he was shot by police. According to detectives, it has been confirmed that the man is the father of the boy killed. The boy was 12 years old, but according to some other sources, he was 11.

The Herald Sun reported that officers tried to subdue the man using capsicum spray, but the effort went futile and the man was eventually shot by the four officers, according to Commander Doug Fryer. It was also confirmed that the mother of the boy was close by when the incident took place. Mr Fryer described the incident as an "absolute tragedy." He also called the scene "horrific" as young children were among the people who witnessed the father stabbing his son dead in front of all those people present at the evening training session of cricket.

Emergency services rushed to Tyabb Cricket Ground situated on Frankston-Flinders Rd after the knife attack had taken place. Even though paramedics tried hard to bring the boy back to life, the adolescent boy passed away on the spot due to head injuries. According to witnesses, the 50-year-old father confronted Mornington police with one knife and eventually forced them to shoot at him. The father, on the other hand, in in a serious condition after he had gunshot injuries on his chest. He was rushed to The Alfred Hospital.

Police had to interview young children who happened to be the undeserving witnesses of such a "horrific scene." According to Mr Fryer, the situation was "complicated" as the incident had involved multiple locations. The Age reported that witnesses had disclosed on social media that there was an altercation between the boy and his father before the actual incident took place.

According to a police statement, the specific circumstances which led to the killing were yet to be confirmed. The homicide squad has been in the process of investigating the killing of the boy by his father, MSN News reported.

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