'Fast and Furious 7' Update: Vin Diesel Talks About 'Fight Scene' in Paul Walker's Movie 'F&F 7'—Find Out What to Expect

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Paul Walker's "Fast & Furious 7" maybe a year away, but fans are already getting excited about it. They are eager to know more and more about the upcoming film, starring Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto, Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner, Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz, Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto, Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce, Ludacris as Tej Parker, Jason Statham as Ian Shaw and more. Actor Vin Diesel is doing the needful and keeping his fans updated about the seventh installment of "Fast & Furious" franchise. According to the latest update, the actor, who plays the role of a street racer, dished out information about the "fight scene" in the movie. Read on to find out the details and what to expect.

According to The Epoch Times report, Vin Diesel took to Facebook to let his fans know that they can expect the "best fight scene in the 'Fast and Furious' saga." On April 6, Vin Diesel uploaded a video of himself with his trainer named Higgins on Facebook.

Vin Diesel also explained that their trainer Higgins is with them because of late actor Paul Walker. It was Paul Walker who reportedly introduced Higgins to Vin Diesel.

"He was Paul Walker's Jiu-Jitsu teacher, so I met him through my brother (Paul Walker), it made all the sense in the world to invite him into our world, so he could put his stamp of approval on it because he knows how important it is for this film to be the best film in honor of my brother Paul Walker," Vin Diesel said in the video.

Also, he posted a picture of himself and Jason Statham filming together and wrote "Hats off to Jason for going above and beyond."

"SEVEN will be Epic!!!," he added.

"P.s. Making Pablo proud," he wrote referring to Paul Walker on Facebook.

The actor assures that even when one of the franchise's lead star is gone, fans can expect action-packed, enthralling "Fast & Furious 7," which will only make Paul Walker proud.

Meanwhile, Universal unveiled the first footage from the movie at ComicCon 2014. As per the description by HitFix, the footage shows Dominic, Brian, Tej and Roman in action. The shot shows them performing a deadly stunt where they jump out of the plane in their cars. The "Fast & Furious 7" trailer also gave a glimpse at Letty racing with the gang of boys.

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