‘Fast and Furious 7’ Spoilers: Kurt Russell Spill Details; To Play Father-Figure to Paul Walker or Vin Diesel in the Film?

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Paul Walker's untimely and tragic death came as a huge setback to his unfinished projects. His death left his fans and filmmakers in a tricky position. While fans worry about the fate of his incomplete projects, filmmakers are compelled to delay the release and rewrite the scripts. One of the most anticipated Paul Walker movies is "Fast and Furious 7." Reportedly, seventh installment of "Fast and Furious" franchise has undergone some alterations in the script after the death of Paul Walker, who played the role of former cop and car racer Brian O'Connor.

The recent update on Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson starrer "Fast and Furious 7" is being worked up on. While speaking to IGN, "Fast and Furious 7" actor Kurt Russell dished out future plans of the movie and more about his character in it.

Earlier reports about the film stated that Kurt Russell will have brief appearance in the seventh film. It was said that he was to play father-figure to Paul Walker's character Brian O' Connor in the franchise. Following his introduction in "Fast and Furious 7," his character's role was to be stretched to the eighth installment.

Ever since Paul Walker died in the tragic car crash accident, the future of the upcoming sequel is being frequently questioned. Curious to know more about his role as Paul Walker's father-figure, IGN asked Kurt Russell to shed light on his role. Responding to the questions, Kurt Russell clarified that his character in the franchise is more related to Vin Diesel's character.

While spilling more details about his character in "Fast and Furious 7," he denied restricting his character's role as a cop in the film. He revealed that his character is "presented as one thing, but you have a big suspicion that he's another," quoted IGN.

Reportedly, he will be a father-figure to Vin Diesel's character but is he a good influence or bad one is not yet revealed. Kurt Russell also stated that Vin Diesel's family will be suspicious of his presence in Vin's character's life.

Also, Kurt Russell revealed that the filming of "Fast and Furious 7" will resume in April or May. It is unclear if they will resume filming in Dubai, LA or Atlanta.

Reportedly, Kurt Russell has been signed off for the role for which "2 Guns" actor Denzel Washington was being considered. Meanwhile, it was updated by Vin Diesel via his Facebook account, that "Fast and Furious 7" will hit the theatres on April 10, 2015. Also, recently, a clip from "Fast and Furious 7" featuring Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor surfaced on the internet. The clip which was shot before the actor's death shows funeral of Han Lue, being attended by Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker and Ludacris. Watch the "Fast and Furious 7" clip below.

Video: Fast & Furious 7 Clip

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