'Fast and the Furious 7' to Resume Filming after Paul Walker's Death

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The filming of the seventh installment of the phenomenal Hollywood movie "Fast and the Furious" will continue, as reported by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

The production of the said movie was canceled because of the recent untimely passing of one of its lead stars, Paul Walker, in a tragic car accident that took place in Santa Clarita, California, on Nov 30. Following Walker's death, Universal Studios has announced that the filming of "Fast and the Furious 7" will be canceled to pay respect to the actor.

Fast 7 director James Wan stated that, as difficult as it is, they must finish the movie.

Popular entertainment and gossip Web site TMZ also confirmed that most of the actors as well as crew were expected to fly to Atlanta to resume filming on Tuesday. However, they are anticipating major changes in the script because, according to TMZ sources, a lot of scenes that were supposed to be filmed are focused on Walker. Thus, it would need extensive modifications as far as the script is concerned.

The show really must go on, but it would certainly be very difficult for all the actors, who have worked with Walker in the previous episodes, to pick up from where they left off. Surely, it would be a lot different without Walker. The movie franchise is huge. They will have to finish it sooner or later.

Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were killed on Saturday after their car went ablaze after allegedly hitting a light pole in California. The two just attended a charity event for Walker's organisation, Reach Out Worldwide, for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan. Both Walker and Rodas died at the scene. The actor has reportedly died from traumatic and thermal injuries, according to autopsy report of the Los Angeles county coroner's office.

Walker's family, relatives, friends, fellow actors, and even fans were left devastated by the shocking accident and paid tribute for the American actor.

Too often, death comes at the time you least expect it. Death is never easy to deal with. A person, whether celebrity or not, can be here one minute and gone the next.  It is important that people live our lives as if it is their last and stay in touch with people that you truly care for, before it's too late.


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