Fast and Furious 7 Release Date: What Will Happen To Kurt Russell Character After Paul Walker's Death?

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A decision what will happen in Paul Walker's character in "Fast and Furious 7" is still in limbo. Apparently, the makers of the film have still not decided what to do with Brian O' Connor role after Walker's sudden demise.

Regarding the retirement rumors of Walker's character in "Fast and Furious 7," writer Morgan told, "I saw that and I wasn't quite sure where that was coming from...There's nothing set in stone at all. Those are the conversations we're just now having. Nothing."

While the decision of Walker's character still needs to be made, we take a look Kurt Russell September interview to Entertainment Weekly and how his character was connected to Walker's role.

Russell had told the Web site that he would be playing a sort of father figure to Walker's and Vin Diesel's characters. He even mentioned there was even the possibility of his character dying in the future of Fast and Furious series.

"I'm waiting to hear what we're going to do and how that's going to go forward," Russell had told MTV. "At this time, we were talking about [my character] possibly going into a future episode as a sort of father-figure to Vin and Paul's character- or possibly die in Fast and Furious 7."

"The character was created to go either way, and it will be interesting to see what they do now, if there's any change in that. I don't know if there will be," he added. "But obviously, they're working hard on doing what they have to do to try to make that thing work. I think they're going to gear up again in February or March, so we'll see."

On Nov. 14 Walker told, "He (Kurt Russell) plays the cool guy that we've never had looking out for us in the past", adding "Kind of like the father figure. Dom and Brian are kind of misfits and figuring out their way, so in a way, I think Dom's really been the father figure-slash-older brother that Brian never had."

Fast and Furious 7 will release on April 10, 2014. Now that Walker is not around we wonder what will happen to Russell's character. Let us know your thoughts.

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