Fast and Furious 7 Release Date – Dwayne Johnson in Action Pictured on the Set

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Fast and Furious 7 Release Date – Dwayne Johnson in Action Pictured on the Set
Fans gather and place flowers at the scene of a fiery crash that killed "Fast and Furious" actor Paul Walker in the Santa Clarita area of Los Angeles December 1, 2013. Walker died at the scene on Saturday. REUTERS/Phil McCarten Reuters

"Fast and Furious" 7 is slated to be released by April 3, 2015. The producers have released a picture showing Dwayne Johnson in action from the sets of the movie. The actor plays the role of Luke Hobbs, a CIA agent, in the movie.

"Fast and Furious" 7 has finished filming all the required scenes and is currently in the post production phase. The producers thanked all the actors in the movie for their efforts to complete the movie and remembered Paul Walker, the actor who recently passed away in a tragic car accident.

The producers have released a picture of Dwayne Johnson from the sets of the movie. The actor is seen donning a bullet proof vest. The actor was seen standing on a structure constructed for the scene. There is a green screen in the backdrop, so the fans may not get to see all the action in the scene until the graphics are added in the post production phase.

A machine gun can however clearly be seen in the picture. The machine gun appears to be a Browning M2HB, which is usually mounted on a Humvee or a tank. Fans of the franchise will remember seeing the tank car chase in the "Fast and Furious" 6. The tank and car chase involved Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner and Roman in cars and Shaw chasing them in a tank.

Dwaye Johnson played a major role in the previous movie as Hobbs. He assembled the team in order to take down the criminal mastermind in exchange for full pardons.

"Fast and Furious" 7 is set to continue the story line with Shaw's brother Ian. Ian Shaw, played by Jason Statham, will seek to avenge the death of his brother. He will be gunning for Dominic and his crew in the upcoming movie.

Filming for "Fast and Furious" 7 suffered a major setback after Paul Walker's death. There were still some scenes that were yet to be filmed and required the actor. The movie was later completed with the help of the late actor's brothers Cody and Caleb. The help of computer graphics was also taken to fill the gaps in the movie.

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