'Fast and Furious 7' Film Shocking Revelation: Paul Walker's Death the Reason for Ludacris' Financial Woes

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How is Paul Walker supposed to rest in peace? In a recent revelation, it has come to fore that Paul Walker's "The Fast and the Furious" co-star Ludacris thinks that the former's death is the reason for his financial woes.

TMZ reported last week that actor-cum-rapper Ludacris is unable to pay thousand of dollars for his child support, and he has Paul Walker's death to blame for it

Reportedly, Ludacris was in court on Wednesday in regards to his child support case. The mother of Ludacris' 2-month old daughter wanted the former to pay $15,000 a month towards the child support fund.

However, the Web site further reported that Ludacris told the judge that he would be unable to pay the amount. Post Paul Walker's death, the production of "Fast and Furious 7" has been stalled, and he was apparently counting on the film to start so that he can pay.

Paul Walker passed away in a tragic accident on Nov 30 in 2013 when his car busted into flames after hitting an electric pole. Walker came from his charity event and was accompanied by friend Rogar Rodas. Apparently, it was Rodas who was driving the vehicle and both of them succumbed to injuries within minutes of the accident.

Before meeting his maker, Paul Walker had completed shooting most part of the film, and after his demise, it was difficult for the production team to move ahead with the shooting. There were reports, which suggested that Walker's brother, Cody Walker, could fill in the shoes of Paul Walker, but nothing has been confirmed in that regards. Then it was rumoured that Paul Walker's character Brian O' Connor will be retired from the film. However, nothing has been confirmed on that as well.

Let us know your thoughts on Ludacris blaming Paul Walker's death for his financial woes. Do you think it is justified?

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