Fast Food Meat Scandal: McDonald’s Suspend Nuggets and McSpicy Chicken Filets

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McDonald's Corp suspended its sales of its nuggets in branches in Hong Kong and its McSpicy Chicken Filets in its branches in Japan.

The decision came after a TV report on Sunday exposed employees at Shanghai Husi Food were still using long expired stock of meat products. The TV expose had also revealed the employees using meat that had already fell on the floor.

The meat scandal had also affected KFC parent Yum Brands Inc, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants.

McDonald's Corp Hong Kong admitted that it purchased meat products from Shanghai Husi and lettuce, corn kernels, lemon slices, green salad, cucumber, onion and tomato from its sister company Guangzhou Husi within the period of July 2013 to June 2014.  Hence, the company is suspending its sales of McSpicy chicken filets, chicken and green salads, fresh corn cups and iced lemon tea.

McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) had also announced it stopped purchasing chicken from Shanghai Husi and will transfer orders to existing suppliers McKey Foods Services (Thailand) Ltd, a unit of Keystone Foods, and Cargill Thailand. 

"We reiterate that until today, all the food sold at McDonald's restaurants conform to the food safety standard under Hong Kong legal regulations," McDonald's told Reuters. 

On Thursday, Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety said in a statement that all food products purchased from Husi will be marked, sealed and completely banned from sale.

On Wednesday, the head and the quality chief of Shanghai Husi Food had already been detained.

The Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration said in a statement that its 875 personnel had inspected the 581 facilities of Shanghai Husi Food.

Shanghai Husi Food is owned by Illinois-based OSI Group.

"What happened at Husi Shanghai is completely unacceptable. We will bear the responsibility of these missteps, and will make sure they never happen again," Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin said.

Other establishments that have purchased from Husi had also announced cancellation of its order from the company.

"We have over 300 tonnes of Husi products here, but this only accounts for about 1 percent of our stocks," Warehousing firm Shanghai Yuanhong Warehouse & Logistics Cocompany manager Dai Guohui said.

Japanese convenience store FamilyMart Co Ltd said it removed its Husi supplied products from its stores.

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