FASHION WARS : Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana


FASHION WARS  : Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana

The Duchess of Cambridge has earned a lot of style points since she became  a member of the royal family. She has been seen donning a series of designer pieces and high street fashion finds. And with the baby bump showing, a lot of people are waiting to see her latest outfit.

One can definitely say that she has to live up with her late mother-in-law Princess Diana when it comes to fashion. Princess D was considered one of the fashion icons during the 1980s as well a 1990s.

Here are some side by side comparison of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's maternity fashion.

If you want to catch the attention of people, then wearing a hat is the way to do it. Princess Diana paired a red blazer with a medium-size red hat. Kate has almost the same outfit with a smaller chic hat.

The two princesses also have pure and kind hearts. They can make a simple dress and simple suit look very fashionable. With the white ensemble, Dutchess Kate looks very fresh and young. On the other hand, Princess Diana looks so regal.

Every girl loves pairing a shirt or a blouse with jeans. It seems that both of our regal fashion icons also loved to do this. Princess Diana is wearing a white long sleeved blouse with jeans while Kate is wearing a gray shirt with brown leather jacket with a pair of jeans.

Chic dresses are basic necessities for a princess. Princess Diana and Dutchess Kate have almost the similar taste in clothes as can be seen in the picture. Dutchess Kate just prefers more body-fitting outfits than the conservative ones Princess Diana used to wear.

A sexy black dress is a necessity for every girl. Princess Diana and Kate Middleton is no exception.

If diamonds are a girl's bestfriend then one would say that gowns are a princess's bestfriend. In this almost similar outfit, Princess Diana and Kate looks very simple yet elegant as well.

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