Fashion Magazine Favorites: Selena Gomez Tops The List [PHOTOS]

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Selena Gomez is definitely the woman of the year this 2012.

With over four films coming out by next year and an album in March, it goes to show everyone just can't get enough of the 20-year old Latina. In fact, even fashion magazines can't get enough of Gomez's lovely looks which is why she's this year's fashion favorite. Take a look at her fashion magazine covers that have taken over the globe.

Taking off from Disney doesn't always promise a great career ahead but the exact opposite happened for former-Disney star, Selena Gomez. After the end of "Wizards of Waverly Place," Gomez had signed on to multiple Hollywood films one of which has garnered quite the hype this year, "Spring Breakers."

Thanks to the Harmony Korine-directed film involving drugs, booze and a whole lot of skin, Gomez has been ranked as the most searched person of the year. Apart from the wonderful film career, Gomez also has her on-off and on-gain boyfriend, Justin Bieber to thank.

Selena has got film and music covered but of course the 20-year old still managed to take a hold of the fashion business. Recently, the 20-year old Latina was chosen as a designer for the youngster line-up of Adidas, NEO. Adidas wasn't the only fashion line Selena managed to nab this year because Gomez even managed to make a deal with Sears showcasing her own fashion line.

With Gomez's name up in lights, fashion moguls and magazines all over the globe had targeted the 20-year old to be the face of their monthly issue magazines. Selena Gomez had graced two covers for Elle Magazine and Cosmopolitan. The 20-year old also happened to grace the cover of People magazines' style watch proving that Gomez is one of Hollywood's most fashionable.

The former Disney star also graced the cover of Teen Vogue and Glamour magazine. Not only was Selena chosen as the cover for Glamour year end issue but the singer-actress was awarded the "Glamour's Woman of the Year 2012" award.

Despite a messy relationship with Justin Bieber and hate from the "Beliebers", Selena has taken 2012 by storm and with a lot of films lined up for 2013, Gomez's name will surely be up in lights - with or without Justin Bieber.

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