'Farrah 2: Backdoor And More' Racy Trailer Release Shocks: Farrah Goes Naked And Plays on Fetish Swing


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has finally given a valentine's gift to her fans and the gift is none other than her second adult film "Farrah 2 Backdoor and More." The trailer of the adult films shows Farrah Abraham naked while playing on the fetish swing.

The trailer of Farrah new X-rated movie has gone viral and this time she has gone way ahead in loosing all the curtains of shame. The trailer shows Teen Mom star riding a man on a chair and kissing him. And then Farrah is shown moaning and getting down and dirty with the male actor in the film.

Apparently, instead of being happy about her film, Farrah Abraham is protesting the release of sequel of her adult tape and as reported by Hollywoodlife.com, Farrah has not given her consent for its release. However, if TMZ reports are anything to go by than Farrah Abraham has given her exclusive consent to Vivid Entertainment to release her second video.

"On Feb. 10, the site posted an email from Farrah to Vivid, in which she agrees with the company's direction and gives them the right "to release video or Videos(s)," reported Hollywoodlife.com.

Farrah's second raunchy tape comes as surprise to her fans as only a few months back Farrah had revealed in "Couple's Therapy" to Dr Dean that she was in severe depression after her first adult tape was released.

"It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money. If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life," claimed the former teen mom.

The "Teen Mom" star even said that after her adult tape with her then-boyfriend James Deen was released, she lost trust in dating men.

"When I'm going to date somebody, and I'm thinking about, 'Oh, if I have sex with this person,' I'm just wondering why they're wanting to have sex," said Farrah, adding, "I just always feel like they're trying to control me in some way, like they're trying to f***ing break me in some way."

Contrary to Farrah's earlier statement, her new adult video once again features James Deen and it will hit the web on Valentine's Day.

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