Fargo Season 2: Some Actors May Return Depending Upon Story Moving Forward or Backward

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The freshman season of "Fargo" recently wrapped-up, with a high body-count, [Spoiler] which included the deaths of the two principal characters, Lorne Malvo and Lester Nygaard. It is not yet officially confirmed whether "Fargo" will return for Season 2, or not. But, Noah Hawley, creator of the show, and also the actors, who featured in Season 1, have not ruled out of the possibility of Season 2. There is, however, much speculation surrounding whether the same cast will return to play new characters in Season 2, or whether some of the cast will return to portray the same characters.

Allison Tolman, who played police officer Molly Solverson, in "Fargo" Season 1, has said that some of the characters may return but it depends upon whether the upcoming story is moving forwards or backwards. In an interview with Toronto Sun, the actress said that it is possible that Solverson and Gus Grimly, played by Colin Hanks, may feature again in Season 2 of FX's anthology series.  

"I can say without giving any spoilers that if we have a second season or a second installment in the anthology, they've talked about skipping around in time either backwards or forwards, so we could be back or we could not be back. It's just depending upon what they want to do and if they want to go forward or backwards in time," Solverson said.

Hanks is eager to do Season 2. He said to Toronto Sun if Hawley "calls saying, 'Hey, do you want to come back,' I'd be there in a heartbeat."

Hawley, however, has yet to start working on Season 2 and he does not yet have a framework in his mind. He also indicated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that it is unlikely that Gus and Molly will be returning in Season 2.  

When asked if Gus and Molly will return in the new season, Hawley said, "the one thing I would say is that the movie [Coen brothers' movie "Fargo"] ended the way that it ended and you knew that Marge and Norm were going to go back to life as normal and that this true crime case was the worst case that she ever had. That's why we were telling that story, and it would be disingenuous, I think, to do the continuing adventures of.... It would stop feeling like real life."

"Fargo" recently scored three awards at the Critics' Choice Television Awards 2014. It won the best mini-series award. Billy Bob Thornton won the best actor award in a movie or mini-series category for his portrayal of Lorne Malvo in the show, while Tolman won the best supporting actress in a movie or mini-series award.

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