‘Fargo’ Season 2: Potential Second Series Likely with New Cast, New Story and New Characters

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The freshman season of 'Fargo' is set to wrap-up with a high number of body-count. It is set to be a bloody episode, as there is a great deal of bloodshed. FX has yet to announce that it has renewed "Fargo" for Season 2. However, Noah Hawley, creator of "Fargo" and who has also written every episode of the show, has indicated that there is Season 2. The show has got both critics' praise and viewership rating. FX is unlikely to axe the show when it has delivered strong numbers, with viewers increasing with each episode.

If there is a new season, it will have a new story and new characters, as "Fargo" is an anthology series. Also, the actors starring in Season 1 may not be available to shoot Season 2 because of their busy acting schedules. Hawley had said that "Fargo" Season 2 will be picking up after Season 1 with a "new story with new characters," as he saw it as an anthology series, according to The Guardian.

The Guardian reported in May that Hawley has signed a deal with FX to continue working with its US broadcaster, FX. The two-year agreement expects Hawley to develop a "potential second series of the quirky thriller, as well as a number of new TV projects," according to the report.

At the time, The Guardian quoted Hawley as saying, "I'll sit down with FX and MGM sometime in May. I'm excited to do another one. I could probably see my way clear in doing a third , but I don't really know past that if it's worth doing or whether it's just good to move on to the next thing."

Recently, Hawley dropped a hint in an interview with E! Online that Season 2 of "Fargo" may not feature the cast of Season 1.

"When I went in and sat down with FX, I said the movie was as powerful as it was, because at the end you knew she was going to wake up tomorrow and it was going to be a normal day," Hawley said to E! Online.  

 "And we're saying it's a true story, which it isn't, but it's following a  certain true story logic, and it would strain credulity I think to have the continuing adventures of Molly and Gus with [a new storyline of] 'What crazy Coen Brother case are they going to catch next time?' My feeling is we would explore new territory, but nothing is set in stone yet."

E! Online also reports that Bill Thornton, who plays Lorne Malvo, has signed on a deal for one season, only. This one season deal and Hawley's words almost confirm that Thornton is not returning for Season 2.  

Martin Freeman, who plays Lester Nygaard, is currently one of the most high in demand actors. Seeing his busy acting schedules, it seems highly unlikely that Freeman will return to star in season 2.        

Bob Odenkirk, who plays Police Chief Bill, is committed to doing AMC's "Better Call Saul," the spin-off of the cult drama series "Breaking Bad," which makes him unavailable for "Fargo" Season 2.

With new cast, a new story, and new characters, "Fargo" Season 2 may turn out be even more thrilling and dark than Season 1.      

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