‘Fargo’ Preview: Sherlock’s Martin Freeman Stars in Small Screen Adaptation [VIDEO]

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FX's new anthology "Fargo" is the small-screen adaption of Coen brothers' movie of the same name. The television adaption features new characters and follows an all-new "true" crime case.

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Noah Hawley has written all the ten episodes. He said to HuffPost TV that his "Fargo" for FX is "a completely different story with all new characters that merely borrows the setting and the mood of the Coen brothers' classic."

The ten episode dark comedy series stars Bill Thornton, Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks, Allison Tolman and Bob Odenkirk.

Martin Freeman plays Lester Nygaard, a small town insurance salesman. He said to Huffington Post that FX series is different, with new characters. "Same world, of course, using that as a jumping off point."

Bill Thornton portrays the role of Lorne Malvo, "a rootless, manipulative man" who meets Freeman's character and changes his life forever, according to the synopsis of the series. Thornton said to Huffington Post, "My character's a brand new guy, I just wanted it to be completely its own thing."

Colin Hanks plays Gus Grimly, Duluth Police Deputy. Grimly is a single dad who gets two options when he comes face-to-face with a killer -- pick his personal safety or pick his duty as a policeman. The actor said to Huffington Post that in the first episode his first scene "isn't until the 40th minute of the show."

Allison Tolman plays Molly Solverson, an ambitious Bemidji deputy, while "Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk plays the bungling deputy, Bill Oswalt.

Talking about her character, Tolman said to Huffington Post, "She's sort of a young, ambitious deputy in this little small town, sort of surrounded by, not just by men, but kind of inept men."

FX's "Fargo" premieres on April 15 in the U.S., while it is scheduled to premiere in Australia on May 01, 2014 on SBS One.

"Driven by quirky dialogue and star performances from heavyweights including Thornton, Freeman and Odenkirk, we are immensely proud to bring the next big thing in US drama series to Australian screens," Tony Iffland, SBS Director of Television, said in a statement.

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