Fargo to be Renewed for Season 2, Alison Tolman ‘Not’ Sure about Molly’s Return

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FX has yet to officially announce that it has renewed "Fargo" for Season 2, but this does not mean that the anthology series is not returning next year. According to media reports, FX is likely to renew "Fargo" for Season 2 soon. The big question, however, is will the same cast appear in Season 2, as well.

The first season of this anthology series raked in good viewership as well as it bagged critical acclaim. Recently, it won awards at the Critics' Choice Television Awards, including the best miniseries award. After such a strong first season performance, it is very much expected that "Fargo" will return for Season 2.

TV Line reports that a "formal pick-up is imminent." There is much speculation about whether the same cast will return to play new characters or some of the first season actors will return to reprise their roles.  According to TV Line, Alison Tolman, who played Molly, is not sure about her return.

When asked about Season 2, "I just don't know," Tolman said to TVLine. "There's discussion of there being a second season and it being a brand-new cast, [but] I'm just not sure." She called her first television show experience "very special."

Noah Hawley, creator of T.V's "Fargo," had almost ruled out the possibility of the same characters returning in Season 2. Speaking about whether viewers will get to see Molly or Gus in Season 2, Hawley said to Entertainment Weekly, "... it would be disingenuous, I think, to do the continuing adventures of.... It would stop feeling like real life. And also, I think that what Marge saw in the movie and what Molly saw here, it's a lot to take in and it will certainly stay with her for the rest of her life. But it you keep piling that stuff on, then whatever innocence or small town decency that she has is going to start to evolve into what is now all too common haunted demon hunter law man."

"That's basically our heroes now - they've got to be as bad as the villains they're chasing, and this a different kind of show," he added.  

After the premiere of "Fargo" Season 1, FX Productions signed Hawley and his 26 Keys banner to a two-year deal. The deal calls on Hawley to continue on with "Fargo" as well as develop new projects for FX cable and broadcast networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.   

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