Farewell to Nathan Berry


It was a sad and mourning day for the Australians as famous jockey Nathan Berry was finally given his farewell in Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Gardens.

Thousands of Berry's supporters, friends and families gathered during this last tearful departure of the young icon.

Nathan Berry was provided a guard of honour and visitors wore blue to match with his favourite color.

Berry left the jockey world only at the age of 23 after suffering from Norse Syndrome. He was initially admitted to a hospital at Singapore after he suffered a collapse at the track-work in Kanji. He was later shifted to Australia on a medical chartered flight, but his condition worsened, followed by his untimely death.

"He has left a massive hole in my heart and it will never be filled...He gave me the best 23 years of my life and even though he is not beside me he will always look after me and guide me and be my best mate for life ... It has been a privilege to be your brother," a grief stricken Tommy Berry said of his sibling during the farewell.

Nathan's younger brother Tommy was unable to accept the shock as he always expected his brother to stand by his side at any time and race together.

"We would always sleep together on the bottom bunk and once mum and dad moved us to single beds, when the light went out we would get out and push the single beds together...We didn't want to be apart," Berry added.

Nathan's wife Whitney was sad with the unexpected loss of her husband and referred to him as a "compassionate, respectful and caring" man.

"I am the lucky one that got to marry him and have the best five years of my life," Whitney said.

She further added, despite such serious condition in bed at Singapore, Nathan was always concerned for her welfare and said everything would be fine and he will back to normal.

But things didn't go as Berry consoled his wife, and the nation has to bear this sad loss that nobody could comprehend.

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