Far Cry 4 Teased, More Details of inFamous: Second Son and Xbox One Media Remote Revealed

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As early as 2013, Ubisoft has already been teasing and hinting at the next Far Cry installment.

"We're totally psyched from [Far Cry 3]. It's a great brand, and now it's got the recognition it deserves, so we're clearly going to make another one. More on that soon," said Tony Key, Ubisoft, senior VP of marketing and sales, to GameSpot in a previous interview.

Now, Ubisoft is at it again, as it tweeted a photo of Vaas Montenegro pointing to someone who appears to be skiing and captioned with "It's time to update that definition... #Sochi2014 #FarCry."

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Naturally, this has gotten fans in a frenzy, though Ubisoft is not yet saying anything definitive. "Nothing has been announced yet, we'll let your know if there is any news around a new Far Cry game," said Ubisoft over their Twitter account.

inFamous: Second Son art and installation size

As the release date of inFamous: Second Son comes nearer, more teasers are coming out for the game. This time, the new images come from community coordinator for PlayStation France PixelTux, where he posted the inFamous: Second Son jacket captured by DualShockers.

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Aside from the jacket art, there was also a screenshot of the details for the game, which includes the game size, 24GB, a pretty small download for what appears to be a great game.

Over at the PlayStation Europe forum, PixelTux has also posted a few screenshots of the game, which you can enjoy in the link above. The game is set to launch on March 21 in North America and Europe.

Xbox One media remote coming--how will it fare?

Controlling your media apps on the Xbox One may now be possible in the same way that you do your Xbox 360 apps--that is,with the media remote control.

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Apparently, the same treatment will be given to Microsoft's next-gen console, as GameSpot reports that sources have stated that the Xbox One media remote will be announced soon.

There have been reports that the device will be an infrared remote that will control the TV and AV receiver, as well as have a button to launch the OneGuide TV function. However, some features may only be for the U.S., like the channel up and down buttons for the TV app.

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