'Far Cry 4' Details Pagan Min’s Assistant, Title Playable At PAX Prime 2014

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If Pagan Min's flashy hairdo and flashier pink suit already came as a shocking surprise for "Far Cry 4," fans are in for more as Ubisoft recently revealed another character in the game.

VG 24/7 has spotted the tweet over at the official "Far Cry 4" Twitter, which shows off the very fierce and stylish woman staying on Pagan Min's right side.

As far as their looks and overall appeal go, Pagan Min and Yuma look like they really are from both sides of the team, with Pagan Min's frivolous and outgoing nature complemented by what feels like Yuma's fierce and unforgiving aura, as far as her stare goes.

"Meet Yuma: Deadly tactician, general of the Royal Army, and Pagan Min's right-hand woman."

Ubisoft has not yet announced if there will be a trailer dedicated to Yuma alone, but it would be interesting to see her true nature and just what her role would be in "Far Cry 4."

'Far Cry 4's' Shangri-La Detailed

As far as reveals go, however, Ubisoft has recently revealed a new trailer showing off Kyrat in all its vibrant colours and landscapes.

The trailer, seen below, is emphasized as having a jungle that you can explore, but also a mythological aspect to it that the creators call as "the living legends." Taking up the stance of the warrior Kalinag and aided by the mythical tiger, "Far Cry 4" will also take on a more spiritual experience with a mission of enlightenment and a battle against the demonic forces of Rakshasa.

"I think it was important for us to create this story and this backstory with the Rakshasa. We didn't want to have enemies that were just lurking around, waiting for you to kill them," says Creative Studio advisor at Ubisoft Toronto Maxime Béland over at the Ubisoft Blog.

Shangri-La is, indeed, one of those beautiful but deadly places where danger is mixed in with the scenery.

"Shangri-La is one of the founding myths of Kyrat," added creative director Alex Hutchinson. "While we were developing the game, we thought: We're going to invent this country. A country isn't just the land. It's also the history of the place and what its inhabitants believe in."

Expect a PAX Prime 2014 Appearance

In any case, "Far Cry 4" will be joining a number of Ubisoft's upcoming releases at the PAX Prime this Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, some of the titles present at the event in Seattle include "Assassin's Creed Unity," "Assassin's Creed Rogue," "Toy Soldiers: War Chest," "The Crew" and "Far Cry 4." However, only the latter two will be playable at the event.

"Far Cry 4's" Kyrat trailer (Credit: YouTube/farcrygame)

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