‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Cast to be Younger? Release Dates in 2015

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The producers of the upcoming "Fantastic Four" Reboot movie have reportedly chosen to cast younger actors for the roles of popular characters of the movie franchise. The movie is set for a release date in 2015.

The cast members are Kate Mara playing the role of 'The Invisible Girl,' Miles Teller playing the role of Reid Richards also known as 'Mr. Fantastic,' Jamie Bell playing the role of Ben Grimm also known as 'The Thing' and Michael B. Jordan playing the role of Johnny Storm also known as 'The Human Torch.'

Readers who are familiar with the popular TV series "House of Cards" would recognise Kate Mara who played the role of the reporter Zoe Barnes. She will be joining the cast of "Fantastic Four" Reboot and will be filling the shoes of Jessica Alba who played the character in the previous two movies of the same franchise.

Miles Teller is known for his work in movies like "Rabbit Hole" and "Project X." He will be replacing Ioan Gruffudd who played the role of Reed Richards in the previous movies. It is still unclear if the young actor will be sporting the patch of white hair on the sides that the Reed Richards character is seen with in the comics and in the previous movies.

Jamie Bell is known for his role in the movie "Jumper" and has also worked in the animated film "The Adventures of Tintin." He will be taking over from Michael Chiklis who played the role of 'The Thing' in the previous "Fantastic Four" movies.

Michael B. Jordan will be playing the role of Johnny Storm or 'The Human Torch' in the "Fantastic Four" Reboot. The role was previously played by Chris Evans. Michael B. Jordan is known for his role in movies like "Chronicle" and "Fruitvale Station."

With all new cast members playing the roles of the super heroes the movie could take the viewers back to the time when they were all normal and may show the mutation that takes place in space.

"Fantastic Four" Reboot is expected to be released on 18 June in the UK and Netherlands. The release date for the U.S and Sweden is expected to be 19 June 2015. The movie franchise enjoys huge popularity even in the international market and fans are eagerly looking forward to watching the movie.

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