Fans Adore Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova’s Thinner Body; Plastic Surgery Rumours Resurface [NEW PHOTOS]

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As real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova gained attention because of her recent self-documentary "Space Barbie," rumours spread that she had gone under the knife to achieve her out of this world looks.

Many people thought that Valeria had surgery to achieve her looks. However, Valeria said that she never had plastic surgery except for her breast implants.

"Even though people call me Barbie, I never tried to look like a doll. I just like everything beautiful, feminine and refined. It just so happens that dolls are based on the image of refined girls," Lukayonva says in the VICE documentary.

Yahoo! News defended Valeria saying that she did not have any surgery.

"It's amazing what can be done with flattering lighting, hours of makeup and low-resolution video. Some images of her may be digitally enhanced, but despite a few YouTube videos to the contrary, there is little or no evidence that Lukyanova has undergone extensive plastic surgery, either to look like Barbie or for any other reason," Yahoo! News writes.

Meanwhile, IBTimes AU reported that it seemed that Valeria lost more weight as her recent photos showed an even tinier waist. However, many of her fans still adore the body and looks of the rising star.

The Ukranian model and singer first gain popularity on the Internet early this year after photos of her has gone viral and people noticed that she looked like Mattel's Barbie. The celebrity also become controversial due to her thin waist and many wondered if went under the knife to achieve her looks. However, Valeria constantly denied that she underwent surgery or altered her photos through Photoshop.

Valeriya Lukyanova insisted that she used make-up and contact lenses to achieve her look. She also offers make-up tutorial in YouTube so her fans can learn how to achieve her look.

See the slideshow for the recent photos of living doll Valeria Lukyanova. 

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