'Family Guy' Episode Featuring Robin Williams Aired On BBC Minutes Before Actor's Death Was Announced

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Robin Williams death was announced right after an episode of "Family Guy" aired on BBC 3. The show reportedly touched on Peter Griffin's failed suicide attempt because of the actor's character on the show.

Mirror UK reports the strange coincidence happened on Monday night at 11:25 p.m. when the British TV channel aired "Fatman and Robin." Minutes after, at 11:50 p.m., Robin Williams death was announced.

Viewers who saw the "Family Guy" episode were surprised at the strange timing. Yahoo reports a BBC representative even said it was an "uncanny coincidence."

"Some of our people who work here noticed that the death of Robin Williams was announced just as this episode ended," the representative said.

However, the airing was reportedly unintentional. The representative confirmed the show "was scheduled more than two weeks ago." The same "Family Guy" episode has also been broadcasted several times. It was even slated for another repeat this Friday. But due to the unforeseen event, the representative claimed "Fatman and Robin" will not be aired.

"It was due to be repeated on Friday but we will not be showing it now," the BBC representative said.

According to Mirror UK, the episode was about Peter Griffin's ability to turn everyone and anything he touches into Robin Williams. This gift came after he was struck by lightning after he blamed God for hating his favourite comedian and wishing everyone was the actor. However, his gift eventually turns into a curse as the clones were getting out of hand. So he attempts to commit suicide. According to Time, he jumps off from a cliff but was saved when he landed on another clone. In the end, Peter decides to cut off both his hands to end the curse.

The site reports that while Robin Williams death was being reported by various news outlets, the "Family Guy" episode was still being aired on other TV channels.

Robin Williams died on Monday afternoon at his home in California. According to the site, the comedian, 63, died because of suicide. "Family Guy" creator and actor Seth MacFarlane called Robin Williams death as a "tragic loss."

"The world just got a lot less funny," he said.

Meanwhile, below are some of the viewers' reactions on the "Family Guy" episode's strange coincidence with Robin Williams death.

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